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Elite PA Solutions – Virtual & Executive Assistants

We are an award winning virtual assistant agency working with clients throughout Warwickshire, the West Midlands and UK. We deliver executive level bespoke PA services tailored to your needs with a personal touch. We are collaborative, respectful, approachable and knowledgeable.

We provide a variety of virtual personal assistants who support senior level executives, non-executive directors, leadership coaches, entreprenuers and business leaders who are at the top of their game and understand the value of delegating tasks to the right people.

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What can a virtual assistant or virtual PA do?

Everything apart from make your coffee! Quite simply, any task that does not require a physical presence can be done virtually.

Nowadays, having your assistant in the same office location is no longer a necessity. Technology allows us all to work successfully from anywhere.

Why are virtual assistants important?

Our lifestyle, work pressures and personal lives can have a huge impact on the way we approach our work and whether we achieve that all important work-life balance.

Irrespective of the level of seniority, delegating some of your daily tasks to a personal assistant can be life changing.

How can a Virtual Assistant help my business?

By delegating tasks, you will have the time you need to grow your business.

Quite simply we will give you back time and with that the freedom to focus on your priorities, your goals and what you do best!


Book a free consultation with Sandy today to see how by investing in us for your business support needs, you will have the freedom to refocus onto the areas of your business that drove you to set up in the first place.

We will chat about your pressure points and delve into areas that are consuming your time and how we can support you by taking care of the operational side of your business as well as, if required, your personal lifestyle tasks.


Benefits To You

Professional PA Support

You will be matched with a dedicated Executive PA based on your brief to us. Your Elite PA will provide you with the day-to-day assistance you require, they will be your lynchpin, an extension of you.

All virtual PAs on our team are career Executive Assistants who have worked at board and c-suite level within a variety of industry sectors for many years.

Freedom to Focus

Your time is your most valuable resource. By delegating tasks to us, you will have the time you need to grow your business, focus on generating new business or nurturing your existing client relationships.

Quite simply, you will have the freedom to focus on what is important to you, as we will be taking care of the operational side of your business.

A Cost-Effective Solution

We offer complete flexibility in the support we offer either long term or as and when you need it. We charge by the hour, on a flat fee structure based on the actual time we spend supporting you and all our time is tracked.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time assistant, you will have flexible access to a professional and experienced Executive PA.

Access to a Wider Talent Pool

Matched with a dedicated professional Executive Virtual Personal Assistant you will also have access to our combined knowledge and expertise across the team here at Elite PA Solutions.

We support you with your entire to-do-lists across all functions within your business and if we need to bring in other team members that is exactly what we will do.

Virtual Personal Assistant


We love that we are embedded in our client’s businesses as a valued member of their team. Us being virtual really does make no difference. We support clients on a daily basis and give them back their valuable time to spend how they wish – be that at work, with their families, friends or on the golf course!

Sandy personally handpicks, interviews and onboards new team members ensuring her own core values and approach are replicated in each person she brings on board. Taking the time to fully understand your requirements before matching and introducing you to one of her team.

You will have a bespoke dedicated solution, not a generic one and the match is vitally important to the success of your future working relationship. As a team, we are focused on building long term relationships, ensuring client satisfaction is fulfilled and you have continuous peace of mind.

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