Welcome to our virtual office

We are freelance PAs based primarily in the West Midlands who specialise in providing business support services to business owners and individuals across all industry sectors throughout the UK.

You Need Help and You Need it Now


We give you back your time which in turn gives you the freedom to operate in your zone of expertise.

We understand your needs as a non-executive director, leadership coach, senior executive recruiter or other small business owner are all different from one another. Whether you need to get out there and focus on your business development, focus on your fee-earning tasks or simply have more time to strategically plan your next move, you can rely on us to manage your daily operations with as little handholding as possible.


Here at Elite PA Solutions, we give you the confidence that the tasks you delegate or outsource to us are progressed efficiently from start to finish. Our business support is virtual, based in the West Midlands our team is dispersed nationwide. You will be assigned to a dedicated PA based on your brief to us. Your PA will provide you with day-to-day assistance based on your own individual requirements.

Remember, you won’t see us every day, but are always here in your corner!


Is this you?

Not enough time

Are there not enough hours in your day?

Security Concerns

Are you worried about delegating highly confidential information or tasks?

Too many tasks

Do you spend too much time doing tasks that constantly take you away from growing your business?

Unsure of how to get help

Perhaps you are unsure of what tasks to outsource?

No work life balance

Are you missing quality time with your family, friends or doing what you love?

Don't know where to start

Or are overwhelmed by where to start in identifying and onboarding a virtual PA to support you?

Relax You’ve Arrived in the Right Place!


Our Clients are located across the UK and understand the value in outsourcing tasks to us so they can focus on their business growth. From non-executive directors, executive search and recruitment firms, leadership coaches, healthcare CEOs, private wealth managers, and project managers based (and working) throughout Europe, we are here to support you.

Our PAs are career professionals who have walked the corridors of the corporate world supporting senior executives in a proactive, time-efficient and professional manner. We simply provide you with the flexibility you need whilst reducing your operating costs and increasing your productivity.

So, if you’re looking for flexible support either long term or as and when you need it, why not book a free consultation and let’s discuss where you are now and where you’d like to be.

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