5 Daily habits to improve your productivity

by May 23, 2018Personal Development

Improving our productivity is something we all want to do. We’re often too painfully aware of how little time we have and how much work we need to do in that available time. However, improving your productivity isn’t just about looking at what you do during your time in the office – it starts the moment you wake up.

If you’re looking to improve your productivity, here’s 5 daily habits that combine to create a great productivity-boosting morning routine. Implement them into your day and you’ll not only see an increase in your productivity, you’ll also see an increase in your focus and general wellbeing too.

Rise early to improve your productivity

I appreciate that some people are night owls, whilst others are early risers, however if you want to improve your productivity, you need to get up early. Quite simply, if you get up early, you have time to establish a good morning routine that will improve your productivity! It allows you time to follow the four remaining habits, without worrying about being late or rushing around before work.

It’s about getting into a consistent routine. Getting up at the same time each day (along with going to bed a consistent time), helps to train your internal body clock to know when it needs to be energised or relaxed. It’s also good to avoid that snooze button on your alarm too. When you hit that snooze button, it confuses your body and drains it of energy. Instead, make it your intention to wake up and get straight out of bed, as soon as that alarm goes off.

Gather your thoughts to be more productive

Meditation isn’t just for the spiritual person. It’s a chance to still your mind, quiet those busy thoughts and shut out the stresses, even if it is for just five or ten minutes. It’s the perfect time to disconnect from stress, focus on your breathing and get yourself set for the day ahead. Starting your day off in a calm state will help you set the tone for your day ahead.

Another option is to get yourself a journal and get into the habit of writing down your thoughts each day. Not only does this help you gather your thoughts, it also helps you clear out the busy-ness of your mind.

Get focused on what’s important

Take five minutes to read over your goals, remind yourself what you’re working for and what your end game is. Not only will this help you focus on what’s important, it gives you a gauge to measure your daily to-do’s against. You can then look at your to-do list with a renewed focus, to make sure you have at least one daily action that works towards your larger goal plans.

Get moving

Just 20 minutes of exercise boosts your energy levels and gets the blood and oxygen flowing around your body. The more oxygen going to your brain, the more effective your memory and processing capacities will be. However, exercise also has a positive effect on your work too. Exercising boosts your productivity levels, clears your mind and opens you up to a newer, fresher outlook on whatever you’re currently working on.

Fuel your body to be more productive

To be productive, your body needs to have fuel, and the right amount of it, to work effectively. This is why breakfast is so important. If you’re a busy person, it’s easy to get into the habit of skipping breakfast, but this isn’t a great idea. Why? Because your body needs nutrition to have the energy to work. A good breakfast will consist of whole grains (cereal, bread or oatmeal), protein (such as eggs, yoghurt or peanut butter) and fruit (fresh, juice or smoothie). And by the way, it’s perfectly OK to add a cup of coffee to your morning routine – as the caffeine will give you a boost too!

Establishing the above habits can mean adding an additional 45 minutes to your day. However, once you’ve established the routine, you’ll not only feel the benefits, you’ll also see an increase in your productivity and focus – something that will continue to reward you for the foreseeable future.