5 Daily habits to improve your productivity

by May 10, 2019Procrastination, Productivity

As an entrepreneur, NED or CEO, your life is constantly busy! With so much on your plate, it’s understandable that focus and productivity are key to getting everything done. But is working longer hours the only solution – or is there a better way to stay on track and on task?

Here’s 5 habits you can implement on a daily basis, to improve your productivity and maintain focus, without sacrificing your down time and family life.

Practice being more proactive, if you want to improve your productivity

This can be a simple as turning of notifications on your phone or setting a timer for a task, but learning to be more proactive is an essential skill to master. We often spend so much time reacting to situations, phone calls, emails and events, we forget they don’t control us – we control them! Set aside dedicated time slots to deal with calls and emails, start closing the office door when you’re working, and plan your day in advance of going into the office.

Establish a routine that works for you

As dedicated time slots are mentioned above, this leads on nicely to the next habit – establishing a routine. You have unique needs, based on your available hours, family life and working practices, so it’s understandable that you need to establish a routine that works for you. Not only will this make you more productive, it will ensure you have designated work and down time, are able to prioritise important tasks, and know in advance, what your day is going to look like.

Productivity will improve – if you focus on one thing at a time

If you want to be more productive, multitasking is no longer an important skill to master. It’s now understood that it actually has the reverse effect – it decreases efficiency. Instead, look to focus on one task at a time and give it your undivided attention and focus. If you have several projects on the go at once, look to dedicate slots of time for each one – so you’re still maintaining focus whilst you juggle the different things on your task list.

Make time for meditation and exercise

Exercise and meditation both give you an opportunity to clear your mind and re-energise your body. Both meditation and exercise can help you to switch off and unwind, find a solution or get more energy, as needed. Exercise is known to get your heart pumping and your brain working, whilst meditation is a great way to centre your thoughts and check in with the needs of your body. If you want to be more productive, looking after your body and mind are essential habits to work on.

Take a break or nap

When you’re already busy it can seem like a hassle, taking a break away from your work, but it can boost your energy levels and increase productivity. A 30-minute power nap can improve your mood, make you more alert and focused.

But not everyone has the time available to have a half hour nap. Another great alternative is to ensure you take a 10 minute break, for every 50 minutes of work. This is scientifically proven to give your brain (and eyes!) a rest, whilst the act of getting up and moving from a stationary position will get the blood and oxygen flowing around your entire body.

Staying productive is key to anyone in a high level executive position. However, if you want to stay healthy and productive, you don’t have to resort to longer hours and harder working patterns. By implementing the above five daily habits, you’ll ensure you’re more focused and productive – without neglecting your health and well being.

Image courtesy of Rawpixel/DepositPhotos.com