5 Lockdown Habits to keep hold of

by Oct 14, 2020Business Development, Personal Development, Productivity

Lockdown forced all of us to make changes to our lifestyle and behaviour habits and make different choices. Initially, it was seen as a massive inconvenience, as we suddenly had to take time to homeschool and work from home. It helped us all to see things a little differently. For some, it highlighted the problems in their lives, for others, it helped them to see solutions where there were initially problems.  

It’s important to realise that a lot of good came out of this confinement too. For many, it meant taking the time to fall back in love with hobbies and pastimes. For others, it meant looking after their health and wellbeing. It gave us all a chance to spend time with our loved ones, breathe and get into a better daily routine. For many, lockdown changed how they worked, and that was a good thing.

However, as lockdown measures are now starting to ease, are you prepared to drop the negative habits and keep those positive ones going? Here are the top 5 lockdown habits you will want to keep in your life, post lockdown.

#1: Personal development – an ongoing great habit to have

Whether you’ve been brushing up on your skills, exploring new avenues or reading inspirational books, personal development is something that should be an ongoing habit. So how do you plan to factor it into your life, post lockdown? I’ve been reading Atomic Habits and also Morning Miracle – and will definitely be using what I’ve learnt, to improve my working week! 

#2: Adapting and developing to suit your needs

Another good habit we all had to develop during lockdown was our willingness to adapt. Once you get back into your normal working week routine, it can be all too easy to fall back into old patterns and ways of doing things. But why not continue to look for ways you can adapt? Can you streamline your processes? What about your business plan – can you simplify or expand it? Does your business model need to change, to factor in recurring revenue or online content?

#3: Looking after your mental and physical well being

It’s understandable that lockdown affected the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone. For many, being able to work from home eased the stress and pressure of their normal working environment. They had time to do what they needed, to stay mentally fit. Can you relate? Did you find yourself eating better, exercising and feeling less stressed? Maybe you took up meditation or yoga. Your mental and physical wellbeing is important – don’t drop those positive new habits, just because lockdown has eased.

#4: Taking focused action – a perfect lockdown habit to continue

For all the parents out there, lockdown meant homeschooling and limited time to spend on their own businesses. For others, a fear of an impending recession or a drop in clients meant they got super-focused on growing and promoting their business again. We all needed to take focused action, so we could achieve our results in the available time we had. And that’s definitely something we should be continuing to do, after lockdown has finished.

#5: Simplifying your working practices

And that leads on to the last habit we need to keep – simplifying our working practices. Because a change in environment and a need to adapt helped us to all take focused action on a more simplified version of our working day. So continue that habit. See how you can simplify your working practices to free up more of your time. Look at how you can outsource some of your workload, streamline your systems and workflows, or automate your processes. 

Lockdown forced a lot of us to make lifestyle and behaviour choices. But it’s important that we don’t revert back to our previous working patterns and lose the good habits we’ve created. The 5 lockdown habits above are ones that are benefiting you now and will continue to do so, once lockdown is over. So look to cement them into your life now, so you can continue reaping the rewards they bring.

If you’re looking to outsource some of your workload, why not get in touch? As a team of Virtual Assistants, we can save you time by taking care of your personal and business life. So reach out and let’s chat about how we can help you continue simplifying your working practices and freeing up your time.


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