5 must-have processes you need to work more effectively

by Sep 11, 2019Business Development, Productivity, Time Management

Work processes are often talked about in business, but seldom truly understood. However, once you know what a process is, you can ensure you’re using them to help everyone in your business work more effectively, so your business runs more smoothly and to the standards you have set in place.

What are business processes?

Simply put, a process is a series of steps or tasks that you take to complete a certain task or goal. Processes ensure every person and resource in your business are being put to optimal use.

Processes improve efficiency, standardise what you do and streamline how you do things. They also help you keep your business to the standard you want, as well as ensure there’s a clear process for you, your clients and team (in-house and outsourced) to follow. Business processes also ensure you’re all working towards those larger goals your business has.

They’re also great at helping you better manage your time – something we all need to master if we want to avoid overwhelm. Time management is such an important topic, I’ll be hosting a workshop on it in November. (If you’re reading this and are local to Warwickshire, watch out for more details on this, coming soon!)

5 must-have processes you need for your business

Processes are an essential component of business success. But how do you know what processes you need to implement? No matter what size of business you have, here are five must-have processes you need, if you want to work more effectively and better manage your time.

#1: Sales processes 

No matter what sales processes you opt for, they all start with your buyer’s journey and how that looks on your website, before moving through the entire sales process they take. It needs to cover every stage – awareness, consideration and decision. If you can map out the journey, it will help you map out the process you need in place, to ensure the sales process is both seamless and easy for your buyers to follow.

#2: Onboarding process 

The onboarding process needs to be simple and straightforward too. When someone decides to work with you or work with your company, this process takes them through the steps needed to settle them into that decision. It’s about making them feel welcome and happy about their decision, managing expectations, and giving them a clear path over what to expect, moving forward.

#3: Promotional planning process

This process helps you utilise the available tools at your disposal, to effectively promote your products and/or services. It’s about knowing what you’re promoting, how you’re going to generate demand around it, and what promotional activities you’re going to use, to meet your sales objectives. And of course, let’s not forget steps to monitor and evaluate how it’s all going!

#4: Accounting processes 

Accounting processes clarify how you’re going to collate, record and monitor your business finances. An accounting process includes collection and storage of invoices and receipts, setting up reminders and checklists for important dates in the accounting calendar, automating and outsourcing elements as needed, as well as how you report, summarise and interpret your financial information to others.

#5: Content marketing strategy 

Having a clear process for content marketing is important for any business. It needs to cover the platforms you’ll use, a checklist to ensure you’re clarifying the different types of content you’ll create, as well as having steps in place for repurposing content, once it’s been initially created. 

Processes ensure everyone in your business is working more effectively and utilising the available tools at their disposal. By implementing the above five processes, you’ll ensure your business runs more smoothly and meets the standards you expect – in the most efficient manner possible.

If you’re looking for more help on time management strategies, and are local to Warwickshire, make sure to watch out for news of a new workshop I’ll be hosting on this subject, in November! If you already have processes in place, check out this recent article, to declutter and review those processes you already have.

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