5 reasons why clients love us – and you will too!

by Oct 28, 2020Executive Virtual PA, Operational Support

If you’re looking to hire a Virtual Assistant, you may be wondering why you should consider us. After all, there are other options out there. As a team of Virtual Assistants, we have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients. These include former CEOs, Independent Directors, Managing Directors and small business owners. But no matter who they are, the role they play or the size of business, here are the five top reasons why our clients love us – and if you decide to hire us, you will too!

#1: We can help free up your time

In the last quarter, the average number of hours we’ve spent supporting our clients is 483 hours. And that makes us very happy! Because that’s one of the main reasons why we exist – to help you get your time back.

One of our clients recently reminded me of how important this is for so many CEOs and business owners. He joined us as a client in July, and a month later he was over the moon with the results he was already seeing. He said:

I totally see that by investing my time to bring someone on board, to support me with the process relating to these meetings, is giving me back time – 15 hours to be precise and we’re not even at the end of the month!

#2: Give you the support you need

For most of our clients, we’re here for the long term. They love having access to a PA and the years of experience they bring to the table. When you work with us you understand how important it is, to get the support you need, when you need it. 

Our clients love us as we are able to work long term with them. And working in this way enables us both to build a strong business relationship. We take the time to learn about you, your business and your vision. We understand how you work, and there’s a lot of trust and transparency there – because, without those things, we cannot predict your needs and support you fully.

#3: Help increase your business results

Bottom line, you want a PA that can help you gain the results you need in your business. By working closely with you, we’re able to manage the daily operations within your business, with minimal hand-holding. We’re fully committed to your business and can give you the day-to-day assistance you need. This frees you up so you can focus on your priorities, goals and what you do best.

#4: We also help manage your personal life

But maybe it isn’t just your business life, that needs a little help. At work, you could be working incredibly long hours and juggling a lot of different things. But often, this then impacts on your personal life too. It’s all too easy to forget birthdays, special occasions and routine appointments, and you may have every intention of planning and booking that next family trip, but time just isn’t on your site. Our clients love that we can handle the day-to-day running of their personal lives too! We can project manage, research and book travel accommodation and flights, buy gifts for those special occasions and even find you a contractor if needed.

#5: Handle your next event

When it comes to event management, we can happily take care of that for you too. Our clients love that they can choose how involved we get. If you want someone to take your idea and run with it, we can do that. Need a little help with research and preparation? We can do that too. And if you need someone there on the day to help you out, that can be arranged too.

If you’d like to find out firsthand, why our clients love us so much, why not get in touch? We can have an initial consultation to find out more about you, your business and how we can help you – you can then decide whether you’d like to benefit from working with us. So get in touch and let’s talk!