Trust is a two-way street. If you want a team to do well, you need to trust them but, in order for your team to do well, they also need to trust you. It’s therefore crucial, that you build trust quickly, if you want to maximise your team’s potential – but how can you quickly build that trust?

Here’s 5 ways you can build trust in your team. Follow these simple ideas and you’ll quickly establish trust, whilst also gaining trust in return.

#1: Give trust to build trust

If you want to build trust, start by trusting your team. Showing that you trust them to do what they’re supposed to do, is a huge sign of respect. It indicates that you trust their abilities, their judgement and their intelligence – that if they need help or clarity etc, they’ll come to you. A team that feels trusted and respected, will in turn, trust and respect you more.

#2: Share the bigger picture with your team

Team players work better, if they know what they’re working for and why their part matters. By sharing business strategies and goals with your team, as well as the financial implications and the company’s financial results etc, you’re helping provide context to their work, but you’re also showing them that you trust them with this information.

#3: Give your team the spotlight

Your team help you look good, so share the rewards and praise with them all. They all play a part, so highlight their personal achievements, acknowledge their individual and group contributions and let them stand in the spotlight with you. Not only does reward and praise help boost confidence, morale and self esteem, it also is a sign that you notice their part in the team, as well.  

#4: Do what you say you’re going to do

This is an important part of building trust and an overall sign of a good leader. Your words need to match your actions. If you hold your team accountable, you need to also hold yourself accountable. If you say you’re going to look into something, look into it and resolve it. This also encompasses office policy too – if you want an open office, encourage debate, or ask for honest feedback, ensure you’re both encouraging it in your team and enforcing it yourself.  

#5: Encourage team growth

Having your team’s best interests at heart, is the fastest way to build trust and respect. Team growth isn’t just about managing the team as a whole, it’s also about encouraging the growth of each individual too. Mistakes need to be both owned and opportunities for growth. Accountability needs to be something everyone on the team, as well as the team at large, need to take. Your team may have a goal, but so does each and every person in that team – so find out what they are. Only then, can you actively play a part in helping each and every team member flourish and reach their potential, as a team member and an individual.

The secret to building trust in your team is to treat them as you wish to be treated. It’s about seeing and treating them as individuals, and building a relationship built on mutual respect. By taking the time to understand how your behaviour and team management inspires trust in your team,  you’re in the best position to also inspire trust from your team. Trust truly is a two-way street!

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