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Sandy and I worked at the same firm, Spencer Stuart. When I approached her, I knew I did not want to take on a permanent member of staff as my workload is variable throughout the year, what I needed was a flexible resource that could support me throughout the year. I gained advice from someone who started their own business a few years before me that advice was – you need to focus on what you are good at and outsource everything else. This is hard to do when you first setup your new business, but I would recommend others to try a Virtual PA for one month to see the value that you gain from working with the right person to support you. The cost will be variable as you become busier and you will have the comfort of knowing your clients are in good hands when you eventually take your first holiday!

Sandy listened to what I needed and very quickly introduced me to one of her team. She had worked in a leadership services business before and was used to speaking with senior executives. It was important that I could trust my PA to act on my behalf on a day to day basis once they understood how I liked to work and what my clients needed. We met face-to-face in London before we kicked off our working relationship. As soon as we met, I felt confident that she would be able to look after my clients and more importantly me!

Andrew Tallents,