Are you staying ahead of changes to the working landscape?

by Apr 8, 2020Flexible Working

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught the business world, it’s that many businesses are having to adapt their working practices to fit in with the new working landscape. No one knows how long these remote home working conditions will be enforced, whilst others are asking whether this is the start of a new permanent shift in our working practices.

Employees and entrepreneurs alike, are embracing these new working practices

Those that had to previously endure a daily commute, are beginning to question why they couldn’t just work from home all the time. And that’s understandable – as the technology that makes home working possible, has been around for a while. There are also more and more people embracing the chance to start their own online business and benefit from the opportunity that has opened up for them. And many of the already established home-based online businesses, are wondering why it’s taken so long for the rest of the business world to catch onto these remote-working benefits.

Many employees and employers alike are starting to question why it took the current crisis to push us to make the leap. Especially as many employees were wanting more flexible working solutions. The need to work remotely from home is something that has been forced onto many, as a temporary solution to a current crisis – but is now being seen as a potential long term solution, and possibly the start of a new permanent working landscape, for many.

Businesses are having to pivot fast or adapt, as needed

Understandably, those firms that already utilised online and remote capabilities were the first to embrace the new working styles. Many already had the right tools and softwares in place, to enable them to quickly pivot. 

Firms that offer remote working solutions (firms such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom and Slack) have all either removed free account limitations or have offered new free stay-in-touch solutions, in an effort to help small businesses embrace the new online opportunities. 

But there are still a lot of companies and businesses that are struggling to navigate uncharted and unplanned ways of working. Not only are they having to adapt their traditional working practices to fit a new remote working routine, they’re also having to get to grips with new technologies, if they want to stay in business.

Virtual Executive PAs can offer cost-effective solutions to many businesses

And as Virtual Executive PAs, it’s our job to help business owners, Directors and CEOs embrace this new working environment. Luckily, many are now seeing how much value a Virtual Executive PA can bring to this new working environment.

As business owners who have already had the benefit of navigating the online working landscape, we can offer established and experienced workflows and systems to the mix. There’s a real opportunity here, for us to help businesses streamline their working practices and implement new systems and processes. 

As Executive PAs we are used to helping small business owners, Directors and NEDs make the most of their time and lighten their workload. But the services we provide can also help businesses embrace this period of uncertainty and give them the tools they need to, not only survive, but thrive in this new working landscape.

No one knows how long the current restrictions COVID-19 has bought us, will last, but one thing is for certain. Many businesses are going to have a permanently changed working landscape, as a result. And the ones that survive will be using every tool in their arsenal, to embrace these new online and remote working practices.

If you’re a business owner, Director or NED who is looking for virtual business support, why not get in touch? As a team of experienced freelance Executive Assistants and virtual PAs, we can provide high-calibre online business support to a variety of businesses and individuals across a wide range of industry sectors. So why not give us a call (or send us a message!) and let’s talk and see how we can help you get your business running more efficiently and smoothly in this new working landscape!

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