St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Lana Collins & Administrator Cat

As a Partner Practice of the prestigious St. James’s Place Wealth Management business, we provide a wide range of wealth management services to individuals. Our emphasis is on maintaining long-term relationships with clients and to provide them with a source of trusted advice as their financial plans evolve over the years.

Cat provides seamless weekly support to our client and has done so since Spring 2019. She loves processes and ensuring things run efficiently.

Administrator Virtual Freelance


In early 2019, we were experiencing a major growth in volume of specialist work. I reached out to Sandy to see if she could support us with identifying an extra pair of hands to support our existing team of two administrators.

Sandy very quickly suggested we meet in person for us to discuss fully how we could work together. At the time, I appreciated this approach. Sandy cared about our business from the onset. After this meeting she got right to work in finding Cat who now been supporting us a couple of days a week for nearly 18 months now. She’s fab!


I have a wide range of administration skills and have been enjoying utilising these in my work with Lana and the team. My job satisfaction is hugely important, not to mention the flexibility and it gives me a few days a week to escape into the world of work!

Sandy and I were introduced through a mutual contact, and soon after she offered me the Priory Wealth Management contract. I’m loving it. The work is really interesting and I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about the world of wealth management as well as being a part of an awesome team of people.


My day begins the minute my feet touch the ground. I’ll review emails and raise any requests with my Practice Managers before going into meetings with my clients for the duration of the day.

My Practice Managers undertake the day to day communication with Cat, issuing and prioritising the workflow. This is done either face-to-face or over the phone, depending on the business need.

Cat then works through the work requests and raises any queries she may have throughout the day.

This means that by the time I return to the office following my meeting the administration accumulated throughout the day is complete and ready for me to review.


Lana is one of the busiest people I have ever met. She cares a great deal about all of her clients and expects very high standards of work from me, which I am more than happy to provide.

So, whilst I do go into the office on occasion our relationship is mainly “virtual” as Lana spends her days in meetings with clients and we rarely meet face to face.

I receive emails from Lana and the Practice Managers with a variety of tasks to complete that day. These get put into order of priority and away I go to deliver.

The key thing I do for PWM is supporting client reviews. Lana will email me her voice memos following a client meeting, talking about what was discussed and agreed with the client. I will then prepare an action list, email other members of the team requesting these be carried out and then I produce a detailed, technical client letter using the information provided by Lana.


Since having Cat onboard it has given the team more flexibility to focus on projects that require their attention. As they have been able to delegate work to Cat and she is able to get on with it without too much guidance, which in turn frees up their time.

“A busy office requires a team with varied skills who can work well together and Elite PA Solutions has given us another member who fits well into our environment. Sandy recognises that I’m so busy and I just need it ‘to work’ and that is exactly what she provides.”

~ Lana


I love the fast paced, focussed aspect of the work. I’ve always had good attention to detail, but the level Lana requires has made me really brush up on these skills and they are now my superpower!

“I love working as a virtual assistant for Lana and being a part of Sandy’s team. I am a busy mum to three young boys and this gives me the opportunity to use my extensive administrative skills in a flexible way that fits into my crazy life.”

~ Cat