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Bernard Perry & Executive Assistant Nadine

TRANSEARCH International is one of the world’s leading executive search organisations. Headquartered in London, TRANSEARCH is represented across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.  Our global presence allows us to service companies around the world – covering all the major industry sectors.  Bernard is the Managing Partner of the UK business.


Elite PA Solutions has been providing a high standard of Virtual PA support to TRANSEARCH for over five years.  Sandy fully understands the nature of the business that we are involved in.  It was helpful that we were already known to each other and she had some insights into my personality, working style and shared values.

Most importantly, Sandy has a thorough understanding of top level international executive search and the project/ process-driven nature of what we do – characterised by high levels of professionalism, communication and discretion.


I have worked as an EA for the majority of my career for both small and larger firms.  I decided I would like to take that experience and enjoy a portfolio career.  My job satisfaction has increased markedly due to the opportunity that working in this way has given me to learn and impart more.

Sandy contacted me in late 2018 to ask if I would be interested in supporting Bernard, I jumped at the chance.  I have extensive experience working in Executive Search.  I find the work challenging, interesting and most of all you really never know what is around the corner in terms of priorities.


A typical day might begin with an email or phone call exchange with Nadine, to run-through the diary and a prioritisation of key meetings, interviews or calls.  We then focus on any on-going assignments to ensure that interview and meeting arrangements are confirmed.  In addition, any database updates or progress reporting is highlighted.

Bringing a structured approach and having someone virtually on your shoulder, ensures that nothing falls between the cracks.


A typical day for me, like most of us, starts with emails although with search it is something that you are always checking on.  I would then spend some time referring to where we are on each project deliverable and establishing the actions for that week.  I update the diary and reconfirm meetings where necessary.  I ensure the database is showing recent activity and that all milestones have been noted.  I will then carve out a good amount of time for documentation.  An ongoing part of my role is making sure our processes are as efficient and professional as possible whether that be electronic filing and documentation.  This also includes how we manage clients and candidate communication.

Bernard and I catch up either by phone or email to make sure that we are aligned on all actions for the business.  We also catch up for a chat and talk about the coming weekend, the weather, etc.  Just like we would if we were sitting in an office together!


There are many moving parts in a typical executive search assignment and the devil is most certainly in the detail.

Nadine provides the structure and disciplines that are vital to ensuring the smooth administration of this business – whether ensuring that all of the contractual elements are in place at the start; through to the closing down and archiving of all of the documents and data that accumulate during the course of an assignment.

Elite PA Solutions works closely with us to continuously improve the key processes and metrics to enable us to deliver the maximum value of service to clients.

“Sandy fully appreciates the type and calibre of individual that is best suited to support a business like ours.  Sandy has a knack of perfect people-matching!”

 ~ Bernard


Working virtually improves your communication skills. You have to have an increased level of transparency so that any actions that you have made are easily accessible at any time.

As the relationship with your client grows, it’s enjoyable to witness the value that you have added.

“I joined Sandy’s team to have that collaborative PA experience whilst still being able to be my own boss. I have the support of experienced, professional PA’s and get to feel part of a team. It’s the best of both worlds!”

~ Nadine