Creating a Home Management File

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A Home Management File is a place to organise all that’s involved in keeping your household running smoothly. In this file you can consolidate all the important information and future projects you’ve been trying to remember. It’s also perfect for when someone else needs to run your home or care for the children.

It’s important that you only have things in there you need access to quickly and easily on a weekly basis. To get you started I’ve noted a few key areas you may want to include.



Include clear business card sleeves in your Home Management File for the business cards of all your favourite tradespeople. From oven cleaners to window cleaners – keep those cards where you can find them.

Tip – Add any rewards or loyalty cards to this section too, it saves space in your purse.

Contact information for schools, vets and dentists are also useful to include. Just remember to save enough space in your file for future changes.



It’s very easy to lose track of your receipts. If you have any receipts laying around that you’re still referencing then putting them in your home file – its a great way of keeping them safe.

Tip – Some receipts are difficult to read. Staple a note with the details of your purchase to the receipt so that you can identify the correct receipt quickly.


Cleaning Schedule

Making a list of your cleaning tasks is actually a very smart thing to do, this way when someone offers to help out around the house you simply direct them to the list in your file. Take time to note down your clean schedule, laundry schedule and even the children’s chores. Then everyone in your household has a clear idea of what needs to be done when.

Tip – Add directions for how to clean certain areas of your house, then there can be no excuses for not doing the job well.


Meal Planning

If you don’t already plan out your weekly meals then I really recommend giving it a try. Having a few weekly plans written out will save you time and money in the long run. But if this simply isn’t you, perhaps just write out a few go-to-meals for those nights you don’t know what to make.

Tip – Add your fridge/freezer and pantry inventory lists, so that you can keep up with what needs restocking.



Always keep your passwords secure. For this reason I wouldn’t include them here in your file, instead I recommend using a secure password manager online, such as LastPass. Although, your Home Management File can keep gift cards and certificates, your budget, a spending tracker and even your financial goals – it depends on the purpose you need your file to serve.

Tip – Add a wish list to your file (Christmas lists or items you’re saving up for), it’s important to have things to look forward to.


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