How to declutter and review your systems and processes

by Aug 7, 2019Business Support, Productivity

Summer can be a quiet period for many businesses. Clients and contacts may be spending time away from their business, making the most of the weather and/or the school summer holidays. Production, orders and even meetings, tend to go quiet during this period. But this also makes it an ideal time to have a declutter and review session in your office. To get ready for that final end of year push forward.

We all know how to declutter and review our systems and processes, but in reality, we rarely set aside time to get these tasks done. But we also know that we’re often more productive if we have a clutter-free environment. It makes a lot of sense to make this a regular 6 monthly event – so set aside a day, use the advice below to get a plan in place – and then get decluttering!

Declutter your online and offline spaces

There’s so much you can declutter in your office, including:

  • Stationery 
  • Paperwork
  • Files, folders and archives
  • Client files and business cards
  • Account paperwork
  • In-trays
  • Whiteboards and noticeboards
  • Vision boards
  • Wall art and accessories around your office space
  • Desk space and drawers

And that’s before you move onto your online space! If you look at the different things you can declutter there, your list will also include:

  • Email
  • Contact lists 
  • Cloud storage accounts
  • Files on your computer

Decluttering can also be a huge time suck though, so get a plan in place before you start. Decide how long you’re going to spend on each section, set a timer and focus on one thing at a time.

Tackle your systems and processes

Another area you can declutter and streamline is your systems and processes. Over time we can get into the habit of sticking to processes and routines that suit us. However, we rarely look at reviewing them. But if we don’t assess them, we can’t see if there are better, more streamlined options for us. 

There could be better solutions out there for us, we could even be paying for things we no longer use. Our workflow may need tightening up or could include more automation or outsourcing. Forms and agreements may be outdated and need updating – or we may have to simply up our game, to better reflect what our clients expect of us.

Here are a few areas that could be reviewed:

  • Website – opt-in forms and pages, automation and emails, sales funnels.
  • Forms & agreements – contracts, NDAs, customer intake forms.
  • Client intake and sales processes – do you have a set process in place, can it be streamlined, automated or outsourced?
  • Associate and team workflow – is there a more streamlined way of outsourcing or handing over? Do you need to outsource more?
  • Client expectations – do your systems and processes match their expectations?

Assess and review your needs

Another area that could do with a review is that of your own business needs. Those things that can get your business where you want it to be. For example, is there software you need to invest in? Is there training you need to do, to update your skills? Maybe you’re looking to expand the services and support you offer, so want to enrol in a new programme? 

But also look at your productivity, focus and mindset. Are you putting off something that needs to be implemented? Are there procedures and processes you need to be following, to get more focused and productive? Is it time to start building a team or looking to outsource some of your work? Do you need the support of a mentor, but have been putting it off?

The summer period can be a quiet time for many businesses. But in using the above advice, it can be an ideal time to carry out a declutter and review of your systems and processes. A perfect time to get yourself and your business in a better position to both grow and succeed.



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