Fear is something we all experience, at different stages of our working life. For me, being asked to host a workshop at a Women in Business Conference that’s coming up in May, has bought up those familiar feelings of fear. But in the spirit of essential business growth, I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway – something we all need to do, if we want to make an impact on the wider world.

Business growth starts with you

Pushing our comfort zone is always going to feel uncomfortable, fearful even. However, if we want to grow, it is something we all need to do. Whether we’re learning a new skill, hiring our first Virtual PA, or taking a leap in a new direction, we all know what it means, to feel the fear.

Business growth can only be achieved, if you experience those feelings of fear. So why not make it a little easier, by relabelling that fear? Instead of seeing it as fear, opt for calling it growth, uncomfortable, or change? I know when I was asked to host this workshop, the fear was definitely mixed with excitement – so I’ve opted to take the opportunity with both hands and focus on being excited about it.

Your fear is important to your community

Pushing past fear is also important for the community around you. When you do something that enables you to grow, it will impact on the people in contact with you. By opting to feel the fear and do it anyway, you’re helping to illustrate how brave people can be, how important it is to communicate with others, as well as how basic relationships are built – on trust.

Because trust is at the core of any person who’s currently feeling the fear, but going ahead with their plans anyway. They’re trusting in themselves to do a good job, as well as trusting that they can be of benefit in someway, to the larger community.

Shared experiences and collaboration

Hosting workshops and talks gives you the perfect platform to both grow as an individual, but to also share your knowledge and experiences with others. It helps us to mentor others in the industry, as well as educating potential new clients in the skills a Virtual PA can bring to the table. The Virtual PA community is one that’s built on a strong basis of collaboration, not competition. It’s also a supportive and thriving community – one that I want to play a bigger part in.

By saying yes to stretching my comfort zone, I’m saying yes to helping ensure it stays that way. My workshop will be around taking control of your diary – a subject that is beneficial to Virtual PAs and business owners generally. If my workshop can help at least one business owner, I’ll be happy that I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway!

The 3rd annual Women in Business Conference, is being held at Honiley Court Hotel, Kenilworth, on 8th May 2019. For further information, timetable of events, and to book tickets, please check out the website at https://www.sociallyshared.co.uk/conference  

Image courtesy of gstockstudio/DepositPhotos.com