Finding the Right People to Employ and Outsource to

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“The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it”. Theordore Roosevelt, US Presidents

Looking to grow your business? Then you’ll need the right people by your side. Taking your business to the next level isn’t something you can do alone. You need talented and passionate individuals to drive your vision forward.

Taking the time to find the right people to employ and outsource to, is critical. A bad hire can cost you a lot of money, time and frustration. The right person for your business isn’t all about experience and qualifications, it’s also important to consider less tangible qualities, such as aspirations, commitment and loyalty.

Below you’ll find a few things to consider when hiring or outsourcing.

Understand the culture of your business

The ideal would be to have all employees’ beliefs and behaviours in alignment with their employer’s core values. People who have a good cultural fit within the business they work, express greater job satisfaction, perform better and are likely to be loyal to that business for many years.

When hiring for cultural fit you need to be able to define the values and practices of your business. Consider two or three behaviours that you feel are critical for success in your business. It’s these behaviours that are directly related to the culture of your business. They will also be translated in your day-to-day operations. Make sure that your job ad reflects your business culture, as this will help you to attract the right individuals.

Team time

Take time to walk any potential candidates around the office and let them meet key team members. Pay attention to how they engage with other members of your team. When you’re back in the interview room ask the candidate one very important question; ‘what were you thinking as we walked through the office today?’ If you get a specific response rather than a rehearsed answer – you may well have found someone who’s a good cultural fit with your team.

Understand Candidates Aspirations

Before finding the right people to employ or outsource to, you want to ensure that their ambition is aligned with your objectives. Of course, expectations can change, and life can take us down some unpredictable paths. However, it’s worth having an idea of what they want to achieve in their career. Don’t allow their answer to send you into the trap of over promising and under delivering in a desire to please them or you’ll find yourself paying the price in the long run. Instead, consider whether their aspirations are realistic and achievable within your business. Is it in alignment with your future plans?

Its Worth Putting in the Effort

Certain employees will work great at one sort of business, but then struggle at another. Whatever, the culture of your company it’s important you take that into account when considering the right people to employ and outsource to. Employees that fit the culture will not only be more productive but will also be happier.

If you’d like to know more about finding the right candidate for your business, or if you would like support in this area, please do get in touch. When business owners come to me looking for a virtual PA, I spend a considerable amount of time pairing the right PA to their business. The case studies on my website describe the results better than I could, but in short I have a great format for achieving fantastic results. So whether you’re looking to outsource your business support or looking to find the right candidate for your business, I would be happy to support you in your endeavours.

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