Google’s G Suite: tips to help make diary management easy

by Apr 22, 2020Diary Management

Google’s G Suite is a suite of cloud-based productivity, collaboration and computing tools, designed to give you everything you need in one package. For most CEOs, NEDs, Directors etc, G Suite is a perfect solution for your needs – as it helps you not only manage your own diary and projects etc, it also enables you to outsource it to others. And this is especially useful, if you have a Virtual PA who is tasked with handling your diary management. 

There’s so many different things you can do with G Suite’s calendar, that can help you stay productive and in control of your time. So whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s managing your own calendar, or a VA or Virtual PA, who manages the calendar for others – here’s some tips and tricks to help make diary management easy!

Be ready for different time zones

Working online has opened up the world for many businesses. However, this inevitably leads to issues with time zones – especially when you’re trying to organise a video conference or managing their diary! Luckily, Google’s G Suite gives you the option to add both different time zones and world clocks to your calendar. Here’s how:

Set working hours for your availability

Did you know, you can easily set up your availability within a Google Calendar? This ensures people know when you’re going to be around and if you’re not available, it will send them a little message to that effect. You can find out how to turn this functionality on, by visiting this Google Support document:

Hand out meeting agendas and notes etc

There’s nothing worse than hosting a meeting or event, only to realise half of the attendees didn’t get your email over workbook or notes? Overcome this, by attaching them to the event itself. Section 1.4 of this Google support document will tell you exactly how to add attachments to a created event.

Get your daily agenda in your inbox

Diary management is more than just organising appointments. Often, when you’re managing someone else’s diary, there are tasks that you need to make them aware of – so why not send them a daily agenda, straight into their inbox? You can easily do that in G Suite, here’s how:

Coordinating schedules with team members

Trying to organise an event or meeting, but struggling to juggle everyone’s schedules? Here’s how you can layer everyone’s calendars over each other, so you can see the exact day and time they’re all free!

Sharing your calendar with others

Need to share your calendar with someone else? You can easily do that with Google’s G Suite. You can also add them as a delegate on your calendar – meaning they can schedule and edit events for you. This is perfect for letting an assistant or PA manage your calendar for you! You can find out how to do that here:

Save time with pre-written replies

As part of your diary management activities, you’ll inevitably find yourself sending the same email replies, over and over again. Within G Suite you can easily set up automatic pre-written responses for this type of response – to save you time and effort when replying to emails! Here’s how to set them up:

You can find out more about Google’s G Suite, by heading over to their main sales page.If you’re looking for a Virtual PA to help manage your calendar for you, why not get in touch? We’re a team of virtual Executive Assistants and PAs who provide daily business support to entrepreneurs, non executive directors, small businesses and individuals. We’d love to help you with your diary management and to generally free up your time, so you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business. So head on over to our contact page, and book in time to talk – and let’s discuss how we can help you!

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