Has Lockdown Changed the Way You Work?

by Sep 9, 2020Business Development, Flexible Working, Personal Development

It’s been a crazy period of time, the last six months. Lockdown has impacted on us all personally and professionally. With many working practices and locations changing, it’s meant we have all needed to step back and reassess our own businesses. Because no matter how you look at it, lockdown has changed the way you work. 

But to what extent has your working life changed – and is it for the better or the worse?

Lockdown has meant flexible and virtual working are no longer the odd choices

The one big change lockdown has enforced is an acceptance of working virtually and flexibility. Globally, it’s now the new norm for many employees, employers and entrepreneurs alike.

And that can only be a good thing.

As this opinion piece in The Drum mentions: 

It’s [the current situation] shown that those long days in the office and sweaty commutes weren’t as essential as we thought. 92% of workers believe they’re well equipped to work from home. Four in ten London buyers are already considering a move to the country.

Working from home has allowed many to regain control of their time. There’s no more need to spend valuable time commuting to and fro. Crucially, it’s left us all with more available time for what’s important to each of us.

More consideration and care

Consideration and care are the new buzz words during lockdown. Our colleagues and the environment are all benefiting, as we support local businesses by shopping locally and pay more consideration to those around us.

We’ve become more human. We share more freely and feel able to openly speak about life outside of our usual 9-5 working structure. These conversations are opening up more significant discussions too. Discussions around mental health and working in a way that considers people’s private lives and unique situations.

Brands are understanding the need to be seen to live by their ethics and values. We’re paying more attention to how they act. If they’re not being seen as authentic and not being seen as doing the ‘right thing’, their popularity is taking a hit. 

For your business to grow now and to move forward from lockdown, you need to be increasing long-standing relationships with your clients. It’s something we at Elite PA Solutions feel passionate about and have been actively working on even before lockdown.

Increased productivity

When it comes to increased productivity, virtual is best!  Working remotely enables you to have an environment that suits your personality and boosts your motivation. This inevitably leads to an increase in focus and productivity. Whilst hiring remote team players enables you to access the talent you need to increase levels of productivity in your business, even during lockdown.

Here at Elite PA Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the benefits of a professional company, while fitting into your business as if we’ve taken on the role of an employee. We provide high-level support five days a week, without additional overheads. You only pay for the time we spend working on your tasks. This can save a small fortune over just a few months. 

It has been a crazy six months. And as we start to ease out of lockdown, it’s an excellent time to assess how much your business and the way you work have both changed, as a result. 

Whether those changes are for the better or worse, is down to how you view them. However, it would be a real shame if businesses did not continue to embrace the upsurge in remote and virtual working. It can open the door to so many significant advantages for both the employee and the employer, whilst also saving both parties money and time.

Having worked virtually for many years, Elite PA Solutions are an established team of VAs and PAs who can provide you with the premium service you deserve. Whether you’re looking for an excel whizz or someone to tackle the outstanding research or data entry you have saved for another day, we’re here to ensure you stay within budget and benefit from a high standard of work. And, as we currently have the capacity within our team to work with further clients, if you need an extra pair of hands that you can rely on day in and day out – why not give us a call


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