Hire a Virtual PA for better personal & lifestyle management

by Mar 8, 2019Operational Support

If you’re looking to hire a Virtual PA, the chances are you’re either in business for yourself, or are in a position of authority within a company, such as a CEO, NED or Managing Director. As anyone in those kind of roles will testify, a PA, whether virtual or in-house, is an essential part of your overall business team. However, what may surprise you to know, is a Virtual PA can be an essential part of your personal team too!

NEDs, CEOs and Managing Directors often use their Virtual PA to carry out some personal and/or lifestyle tasks during the working day. Often though, they try to keep these tasks to a minimum, as they often feel it may be outside the realms of a PAs ‘usual’ remit. Interestingly though, many Virtual PAs actually relish these personal and lifestyle tasks, as they understand how important they are, to their employers.

When you hire a Virtual PA, you can use them for personal & lifestyle management too!

Many Directors are constantly on the go. In between meetings with the board, conference calls and various events they need to attend, there’s always something that needs their attention. Their focus needs to be their work – and this often means the personal and lifestyle side of their life can get pushed further down the task list. It makes sense to use your Virtual PA to get this area of your life back in order, so you can enjoy a balance between work and personal life again.

Interestingly, one of our clients decided to totally gain control of their personal workload. They decided to hire a Virtual PA purely for personal and lifestyle management – something that’s a great solution for a busy personal life! This was during a time when their parents and their daughter needed some additional help in their lives, making it a great investment all round.

Example of personal and lifestyle management

So when they decided to hire a Virtual PA, they easily handed over the following tasks:

  • Organise the parents move into a care home
  • Sort out subsequent utilities, Council Tax, water, gas, electric etc
  • Arrange quotes for an alarm system and CCTV at their home
  • Research chalets in Switzerland for the family to go skiing over the Christmas/New Year in 2020
  • Pull together an itinerary for a trip to the US, including booking all flights, internal transfers, hotel accomodation at various points on their tour
  • Book private medical appointments, dentist, hygienist etc
  • Source painters and decorators for their daughter’s newly purchased house in London, so they have a range of quotes to choose from

There was a huge amount of things this client and their family had to sort out. As a busy executive, they already had a large workload on their plate, so there was no way they could manage everything on their own. Deciding to hire a Virtual PA to manage the personal and lifestyle aspects of their life, was an incredibly smart use of the resources they had available. Not only did it help them during an incredibly stressful time, it serves as a great reminder to the versatility of a Virtual PA!

If you’re looking to get order back into your personal life, or if you’re currently looking to have better personal and lifestyle management for your family, click here to get in touch with us. Let’s explore how a Virtual PA can help you gain better balance between your personal and work lives!