How technology has changed the way we work

by Mar 11, 2020Business Development, Business Support

There’s no doubt that technology has impacted greatly on our working patterns. Years ago we had to be office-based and working 9-5 each day, to work most effectively and productively. For many, this also meant being in face-to-face meetings for most of the day and losing valuable working time commuting, in an effort to build better working relationships and connections.

Now though, technology has helped alleviate wasted time, whilst also increasing efficiency. We have access to so many internet-based apps (such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Slack etc), that are designed to give us the ability to work from anywhere and connect with anyone, at any time.

No matter what our niche or specialism, technology has changed our working day

Technology has quite simply impacted every area of our business and personal lives. The increase in our use of technology has changed how our jobs look and how we interact with those around us. How? Well, here are 10 different ways technology has changed the way we work.

#1: Technology has changed our office environment 

Thanks to advances in modern technology, you can get as much work done away from the office as you would if you were sitting at your desk. (LABS blog: How Technology is changing the way we work)

More and more of us are choosing to either work remotely or work from home. All you need is a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection.

#2: We have an increased need for technology 

Internet-based apps and cloud storage have given us the ability to be available on the go – but as a result, we’re also more reliant on technology to assist us in doing a good job. The key is to ensure we’re using technology to enhance what we’re doing, not dictating how we work.

#3: We’re meeting more people virtually

Most of our meetings can now be held virtually. With the use of video chat and conference calling, we find it easier to bring our teams together, with less hassle and travel. This means we can easily meet people we may otherwise be unable to communicate with – including those with accessibility and/or travel restrictions etc.

#4: Business communication has changed

Technology has changed how we communicate with our team and our clients. We’re more reliant on text-based communication via apps such as WhatsApp, text, Slack messages, LinkedIn invitations and even social media chat apps.

#5: Technology is helping us strive towards a paperless office 

We have less of a need to print things out or have stacks of manuals and guides on our bookshelves. Technology enables us to save in the cloud and have an entire library of books at our fingertips, without cluttering up our office environment.

#6: Our productivity has been Increased

Access to new technology has enabled employees to do things faster with precision and has helped in discouraging workplace distractions, thus raising productivity. (QuickFMS: 10 Ways technology has shaped the modern marketplace)

 Technology enables us to get more productive. There’s software for managing projects, tracking and analysing data, delegating and managing goals and even tracking the time of our entire team.

#7: There’s an increase in customer interaction and feedback 

It’s easier to get customer feedback with technology. As our customers are used to being online, we can use surveys and quizzes to research their preferences and likes, whilst regular email automations help us build better relationships and expectations with new and potential clients. 

#8: Research is readily available to us 

We can know more about our clients than we ever did before. Analytics tell us their buying habits and online behaviour, whilst social media enables us to dig into and research their demographic information.

#9: Effortless collaboration 

Technology makes for effortless collaboration. We can easily and quickly interact with those in other time zones, and connection and communication enables us to reach out to potential collaborators and joint venture partners, we would otherwise not have been able to access.

#10: Easy access to training 

There’s no shortage of online workshops, recorded webinars and videos, online. Technology enables us to easily access training tips and self study courses via YouTube and online universities – all designed to suit the different learning styles of each person.

There are downsides to our reliance on technology

Technology has enabled us to be available 24/7 – and that isn’t always a good thing. If it’s not monitored, we can find it harder to switch off, unwind and simply say no to new clients, potential opportunities and even business growth. Technology has the ability to make us stressed out workaholics, if we don’t learn how to effectively manage it.

Our reliance on technology also enables us to communicate easier, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are better communicators. If we’re not careful, auto-correct, emojis and apps can make us lazy in our ability to communicate well, we can find it harder to connect and find ourselves unable to express how we feel. And as we’ve all no doubt experienced at some stage, an increased reliance on text-based communication can easily lead to misinterpretation and upset too!

With the majority of our work taking place in the virtual world, emails and messaging have become the defacto way to communicate in the workplace. (Loom’s blog on How technology is rapidly changing the way we work:

The key here is to use technology to help you work faster and smarter, but to also know when it’s time to switch off for the day. Whether that means you need to outsource more to your Virtual PA or simply hit the off button on your phone, you need to implement steps to ensure that technology is always helping, and not hindering, your work, health and general well being.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of technology in your working day, whilst avoiding the downsides it can bring, why not look at how Elite PA solutions can help? Whether you’re looking to implement better systems and processes in your workplace or to lighten your own workload, simply get in touch and let’s see how we can help!

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