How to Hold Really Effective Online Meetings

by Mar 3, 2021Blog, Business Development, Business Support, Team Management, Time Management

Managing online meetings can take a little bit of getting used to. When the Pandemic hit last year there was an immediate shift to conducting meetings online. This caused many businesses to adopt some bad online habits and many businesses still fail to consider best practice.

We’ve put together a number of top tips to ensure your online meetings are productive and efficient.

Clearly define the objectives

The main question you should ask yourself when creating a meeting is, “why am I asking everyone to meet?” If you can’t articulate this question into words that can be understood by others, then you might need to rethink the function of the meeting. However, if you can translate your objectives into clearly defined goals, then you will be creating a framework that those attending can work from.

Start on time

It’s bad enough that most online meetings at the moment start with “can you hear me?”, “Phil’s trying to connect, but can’t”. Although, the worst comment I hear regularly is “Let’s wait a few more minutes to see if anyone else connects in”.

Why? It sends out the message to all those who did connect on schedule, that their time isn’t as valuable. Those who come late to the meeting will have expected to have missed the beginning, and starting without them might prevent them from making this mistake in the future.

Quick tip – try scheduling meetings just after the hour e.g. 3.10 – you’ll find people are more punctual. Sounds strange, but it really does work.

Take control

There are a lot of similarities between online and in-person meetings– you still need to decide who will take the minutes. There are however, other things to consider, like keeping everyone’s attention (this can be trickier over the internet) and utilising different technologies efficiently.

If meetings get too big try subdividing them into smaller breakout groups and have them report back to you. This simple technique seeks contribution from your online attendees ensuring you hold their concentration and receive valuable feedback.

Action Plan

Make sure every point on the agenda ends up with an action plan. You can achieve this by taking some time to agree on the next steps after discussing each topic. Jot down specific commitments and clear deadlines. You could try assigning someone to check in at various times to ensure commitments are being kept and issues can be addressed ahead of the deadline.

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