I used to have a PA in my last job (and why you need a PA now)!

by Mar 25, 2020Operational Support

This lament is something we often hear from new clients, now in Non-Executive Director roles. Traditionally, they’ve previously worked in a role that required either a dedicated PA or one they shared with other Directors and team members. It was understandable as to why you would need a PA in that type of situation and role.

However, as a Non-Executive Director, you still need a PA to help you work effectively and efficiently! Your time and expertise are the key traits that make you good at your job and, just because you’ve stepped out of a traditional 9-5 role, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the help of a PA. What is changed however, is how both your role and that of a PA, may look.

Technology enables Non Executive Directors to work smarter and faster

Technology has enabled you to work smarter and faster. Apps like Zoom enable you to travel less and yet still hold regular client and team meetings, whilst project management apps such as Asana or Trello, along with time trackers like MinuteDock enable you to track everything you do. Technology also enables you to easily and effortlessly stay in touch with your PA and assign tasks to them, with the touch of a button.

As discussed in this recent blog post [How technology has changed the way we work], technology has enabled us all to work smarter and faster, from whichever location we wish to work from. 

Location is no longer an issue

Nowadays, technology has given us all more freedom to work from anywhere. Apps, cloud-based software and smartphones all help open up the possibilities available to you. You’re no longer reliant on working in the office in a 9-5 capacity – and you’re also no longer tied to an office!

And the same applies to a PA. Remote working PAs can be based anywhere, so you’re no longer limited to finding one in your immediate vicinity. Your PA can be in any location and still provide the same high level of support you’d expect from them. Not only does this cut down on in-house expenses traditionally associated with employing staff, you can find the best PA for your needs.

[Need some help with what tasks to assign your PA? Check out Tasks you can easily outsource to a PA and 5 tasks non-executive directors can outsource to a Virtual PA]

You can still have a PA in this job!

20 years ago it was relatively unheard of to have a remote PA. Now, nobody needs to know that you don’t see your PA every day or that they’re working remotely. 

Here at Elite PA Solutions, we successfully manage various Non-Executive Director and Chairman diaries/lives and everything in-between, remotely. This is why our clients love working with us – they understand how valuable a Virtual PA can be, to their business and personal lives! (Check out this blog, if you want to learn more: 3 valuable reasons why NEDs need a PA in their life!)

A Virtual PA can help you work smarter and make better use of technology

The beauty of today’s available technology, is it enables you to hire out those tasks that are either draining your time or your patience! Hiring a Virtual PA ensures you’re freeing up your time by outsourcing some of your biggest headaches. 

As a Non-Executive Director, your biggest struggles are often the type of tasks a Virtual PA can easily handle for you. Tasks such as diary management, logistics, and even personal and/or lifestyle management.

We appreciate that working with a Virtual PA does require a slight mindset shift, especially if you’re used to a more traditional in-house PA. But that doesn’t mean it’s a difficult shift or a complicated one. Take a read of this recent blog, to find out the things you need to consider: What a NED needs to consider when working with a Virtual PA.

Why a Virtual PA is crucial for your current role

As a Non-Executive Director, you need a PA to help you work more effectively and efficiently. Your time and expertise are the key traits that make you good at your job – and a Virtual PA can ensure you’re not bogged down with tasks that limit either of those resources. 

As highlighted above, technology has enabled you to work smarter and faster, from anywhere in the world. But it’s also ensured you never have to work without the support of your own team members – including that trusted and much-needed PA!

If you’re ready to explore how a Virtual PA can work with you and your business, why not get in touch? We can discuss those areas you need help with, as well as exploring how an experienced Virtual PA can really help you grow and be more effective as a Non-Executive Director – so why get in touch today!

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