In order to grow, you need to learn to let go

by Dec 9, 2020Business Development, Personal Development

As any successful business owner will tell you, in order to grow you need to learn to let go. And many will also follow this up by letting you know how tough that can be! But there comes a time when you do need to realise that you can’t do everything yourself. Not only do you have time restrictions, but there’s also your skills and expertise to consider – not to mention whether you even like the tasks you’re doing. 

That’s why it’s so crucial that you take time out to reflect and plan. Letting go of things is an essential skill for any person to master, and it’s even more critical for those of us who run our own businesses. If you’re looking to clear the decks, so you have room to grow, here’s how you can easily start the process of letting go.

Think and reflect over the Christmas break

It’s inevitable that as the year draws to a close, you’ll want to spend a little time reflecting back. For many business owners, the Christmas break is the perfect time to sit back and review how the year went, in terms of business growth and success. So write down your achievements and wins. Get clear on what the year taught you and the learnings you want to take forward into 2021.

What changes do you need to implement to move you forward?

Now you know the learnings you want to take forward, how will you implement them into your life and business? What changes do you need to make, to help you grow? What will move your business forward and achieve the growth you’re after? Lockdown, in particular, forced a lot of us to reflect on how we’re working – so were there any lockdown habits you want to keep hold of, as you move forward? 

What do you need to learn to let go of?

And that leads up to the part where you need to let go. What habits and traits do you want to let go of? Personally, and within your business, what do you need to let go of, to help you grow further? Do you need to let go of specific tasks and routines that are holding you back – and are there any tasks you need to outsource? Because letting go isn’t about dropping things from your business altogether, sometimes you just need to stop doing them yourself! As many small business owners have realised, outsourcing will make all the difference in your small business

In order to grow your business, you often need to learn to let go. Whether that’s expectations, goals, ideas or tasks, it pays to take time over the Christmas period, to assess what it is you need to do, in order to grow your business further.

One of the significant changes you can implement in 2021 is bringing a PA on board, to help handle your tasks for you. Not only will this save you time, but it will also benefit the operational side of your business, as a PA is the perfect person to take charge of those back-office administrative tasks! If you’re ready to explore this further, why not get in touch? Let’s have an informal discussion and see how Elite PA Solutions can help you – you’ll find our contact details here.