Leadership coaches: Why you need to mirror yourself in your PA

by May 20, 2020Business Support, Personal Development, Virtual Assistant/PA

As a Leadership coach, you’re playing a crucial role in enhancing the performance of managers and Executives. In order to focus on helping them become better, more effective leaders, you need to have your eye on the ball – but you also need the right support behind you, so you’re free to focus on your clients.

If you want managers and Executives to have great interpersonal and leadership competencies, everything you do must support the coaching methodology you use. You not only need to lead by example, you must also ensure your entire team is too. That’s why it’s so critical that you pick a PA who mirrors your values and talks your language. 

Leadership coaches need top levels of support 

When you’re operating at Executive level, the support you offer needs to be top notch too. And as your PA is the person who is going to predominantly be acting as your customer liaison, in between your client coaching sessions, they also need to provide a top level standard of support to both you and your clients. They need to be comfortable operating at that high level of business and understand the complexities experienced at Executive level.

Excellent communication skills

Your PA needs to act as a point of reference and contact for your clients and answer any queries in a professional and efficient manner. They need to show an excellent balance between professionalism and friendliness, but also be comfortable and experienced when dealing with large corporations and high level executives. Your PA needs to be your lynch pin and act as liaison between you and your clients, when needed.

Focus and dedication to you and your clients

The relationships you build with your clients are crucial to their success as a client. Your PA can help further build on the relationship by helping to establish trust and understanding. They need to act calm and confident at all times and be able to communicate needs and information, when needed. By giving clients the same focus and dedication that you would, your PA is acting as a representative of your company, but also upholding the level of focus and dedication your client expects from you.

Integrity is everything as a leadership coach, and as a PA

Integrity is a non-negotiable. Your PA needs to be able to build trust and transparency with both you and your clients. The relationships you build in business not only help you establish yourself as a trusted coach, they also help showcase your results – so it’s crucial that trust and transparency are maintained across every area of your business.

Best levels of client service 

Your standards of client service and success are evident in everything you do. That’s why you need a PA to accurately mirror you in all the different client service capacities – including work standards, delivery, overall responsiveness, and by having effective systems in place. Acting as a point of reference and contact for you and your clients, your PA can encourage proactivity and innovation for you and your clients.

Understand your business and be willing to adopt your standards

Your PA needs to understand how you work and talk your language; they need to mirror your values and business ethos, if the relationship is going to work. There needs to be an overarching desire to help you as a leadership coach, to reach your business goals. And this means helping you achieve more with your clients too. Your PA is there to build value into your business, by supporting you and helping you achieve your goal, and troubleshoot as needed.

As a leadership coach, you need to mirror yourself in your PA

It’s going to take a little time to get your PA onboarded into your business. It’s not just about having the necessary skills to do the job, they also need time to really get to know and understand you and your business. If you want to mirror yourself in your PA, you need to spend time with them and establish a strong relationship with them, share your goals and values and overarching business mission. And you need to ensure they understand what you represent and how you do business, in order to effectively mirror you in all they do.

As a leadership coach, you’re playing a crucial role in enhancing the performance of managers and Executives. You therefore need a PA who mirrors your values and talks your language. By mirroring yourself in your PA, you’re ensuring your business ethos, values and standards are all adhered too – and ensuring your entire team is leading by the example you set. If you’d like to explore how Elite PA Solutions can help you, why not get in touch?

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