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Here’s our step-by-step process in a nutshell.

Step 1 - the learning phase

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In this video call we are keen to learn as much about you, your business, how you got to where you are now, your motivations and future ambitions. We will share how we can supply you with dedicated right hand support to help you achieve your targets and deliver results based on your brief to us. If we don’t have someone within our team of associates, will take the time to identify, reference check and validate them on your behalf at no cost to you.

Step 2 - set the foundations

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Before introduction to your decidated Virtual PA, we will send you our Terms & Conditions for your approval and review all the information we’ve gathered in order to match you with the best Virtual PA on our team. Our next step will be for us to have the discussions internally as who we feel is best suited to support you for the longevity. Our aim is to match you with a dedicated virtual assistant, no chopping and changing, a dedicated assistant to support YOU.

Step 3 - The onboarding stage

Introduction to your dedicated Virtual PA/EA/VA

Once we handpick the perfect Virtual PA for you, we’ll share their background and arrange to introduce you via video call. We take into account core skills, ability to deliver, capacity for the long term and, we don’t forget both your personalities! At this stage, it is just as important to us, as I am sure it is to you, that you both feel the fit is right. We believe this works both ways! Remember, there is no charge for our matching service.

Step 4 - at last, you can delegate

Start handing over tasks

Once everyone is in agreement you and your new Virtual PA are free to arrange a kick-off call to go through what your priority tasks are and how you will delegate tasks and communicate with each other. Again, this is very much a two way process, your Virtual PA will have questions for you too! Take the time to integrate your Virtual PA into your team and ensure they feel part of it! I know without a doubt that your Virtual PA will insist on regular weekly catch ups in order to deliver the very best service to you. Take this time…you won’t regret it!


Step 5 - Time to focus

At last, you have time to focus on your priorities.

You now have a dedicated Personal Assistant in your corner to support you every single working day, if required. They are there for you to handover the mundane routine tasks too (let’s be honest we all have those!) they will also be eager to strategically make an impact, to share their ideas, express an opinion and proactively support you by making decisions on your behalf or in your absence. In order to do so, communication is key.

Step 6 - Guidance & AdVICE

Regular reviews & keeping in touch

We remain at your service to offer guidance and/or advice as you continue to build and grow your business. We will set up regular review calls with you and seperately with your Virtual PA to ensure all is well as your working relationship grows. An added benefit is with our associate team we have a wide skillset to tap into as your business grows.

Liz Morrish

I met Sandy over fifteen years ago! It has been great to see Sandy establish and grow Elite PA Solutions over the last few years. In late 2018, when the CEFLEX initiative started to expand I realised we needed some additional support and turned to Sandy to see if she could help with finding us a Virtual PA to take over some of the administrative tasks which were taking us away from our responsibilities as project managers. The additional support of a Virtual PA has really made a difference to CEFLEX. The approach works well for us and having the additional support when needed has been beneficial.

Sandy quickly understood what additional support we needed in CEFLEX, even though the sector is not one she has worked in previously. She really matched our requirements to Fi’s skills and experience and has helped to provide a key team member for the CEFLEX initiative.

Project Manager, CEFLEX

Janice Keyes

In engaging with Elite PA Solutions for PA and business support, Sandy took the time not only to get to know me but to also understand my business and its needs. In doing so she was able to find a good match within her team that had the appropriate skills and experience needed and with a personality that would match my vibe.

Sandy was hugely efficient and thorough in her approach. I would highly recommend Elite PA Solutions to other businesses.

HR Consultant

Jonathan Moulton

Sandy was my Executive Assistant for circa two years between 2014-June 2016. During this time she played a key role in helping to grow my Executive Search practice. Sandy took the lead on scheduling client/candidate calls and face-to-face meetings, this included travel arrangements for numerous candidates flying across continents and between time zones to meet our clients. Her project management skills were fantastic. She was the lynch pin when it came to co-ordinating extensive itineraries for myself and my business partner Ken on business development trips, on a quarterly basis to the US. She truly was invaluable to the business, always cheerful, efficient and totally reliable. Sandy was great at dealing with our clients and was always one step ahead of the game, pre-empting what was required.

Sadly, we agreed to part ways in June this year as we required a full-time resource to manage the ever increasing workload, a role she was unable to commit to given her desire to continue to build her virtual PA business.

Managing Partner Search, Momenta Partners (former client)

Catherine Wall

In addition to four board roles, one pro bono role, and some mentoring I have two homes to organise and until recently, my elderly parents to assist.

Sandy helps me with all of this and is unfailingly effective and professional. I was reluctant to have a PA unless they were going to be really top quality, but once I found Sandy, the decision was easy.

Chairman & Non Executive Director

Francis Wilkin

I worked with Sandy at Spencer Stuart for a number of years. I have since been in touch with her regarding her new VA business.

She is one of the best EAs I have worked with: highly professional and diligent with a collegiate and warm style. She is 100% reliable. I would happily recommend her to anyone requiring the services of a VA, including clients of Stork & May.

Partner, Stork & May


This was my first experience of reaching out for support when i wasn’t entirely sure what kind of support I needed. From the outset, there was calm, clarity and a structure that enabled me to untangle some of my thoughts and get tasks into manageable bites – and then for some of those tasks to be taken off my plate and completed easily, professionally, and efficiently by Claire, was really wonderful.

Knowing this team has my back gives me the confidence to keep going with my new ideas, without worrying how I’m going to get them done. Now I know who to ask!!

Dr Eileen Forrestal, Wellbeing Coach, Rise & Shine!

Chris Blackwell

Working with Sandy and Elite PA solutions has massively improved my productivity and the amount of time I am able to focus on winning and delivering business.

From the very first engagement Sandy and the team were professional, efficient and completely focused on understanding me and my business.

Sandy was absolutely focused on finding the perfect PA for me and my business and she got it absolutely right. Within six weeks I have escaped the cycle of being constantly behind and spending far too much of time doing things that weren’t driving the future success of my business. I would highly recommend you work with Sandy and the team at Elite PA Solutions if you want to drive your business forward.

CEO and Founder, Purpose Led Performance

Steph Walton

Sandy is an outstanding individual and the complete definition of an Executive Assistant with rock-solid integrity. I feel extremely lucky to have Sandy on my team – she is a standard-setter who always produces the highest quality pieces of work with pace and accuracy. Sandy supports our clients and candidates during the selection process and is responsible for all our compliance internally (and everything else in between!) – she takes the service we offer to another level!

Totally dedicated and the glue that holds our busy firm together, Sandy is without question loyal, patient, and most of all reliable. She never leaves anything unfinished or incomplete. Seeing things through to completion borders on an ethical obligation for her – work is never abandoned because it may be become difficult or boring! Sandy is extremely easy to work with, totally consistent, and tons of fun. Her direct, honest, and uncomplicated approach to business and working relationships has significantly improved the way we work

“Leave it with me” has become my favourite phrase of hers – I have never been let down once. Without a doubt I would recommend Sandy to any professional looking to hire Executive Assistant support.

Recruitment Consultant

Eva Beazley

Sandy has demonstrated her professional, relationship-based approach from the moment I was introduced to her in early 2019. She took the time to meet me to understand me, my clients and my business philosophy so that working together was a mutual decision. Sandy understands implicitly that her interactions with my clients are an extension of my own and that absolute professionalism is expected when working at Board and Executive team level. We have thoroughly tested this principle through a very busy period when I was delighted to delegate my interview scheduling, travel, and diary management entirely to Sandy.  She anticipates my concerns, resolves issues diplomatically, and organises my work plan perfectly.

Sandy has made it possible for me to focus on my clients knowing I can wholly rely on her support for me. Above all, Sandy is delightful to work with – cheerful, energetic and forward-thinking – and I am confident that my business has benefited from her expertise as much as I have.

Founder, Weva Leadership Consultants

Christina Campbell

I worked with Sandy for around 10 years at Spencer Stuart, up until 2009 when I left. She was a joy to work with, always diligent, professional and good fun. She is very well organised, strong on project management, and people-oriented – she handled clients and candidates at the most senior levels with great care and discretion.

If I had the opportunity, I would hire her, as she is one of the best EAs I have worked with anywhere.

Careers Advisor, Coach and Executive Outplacement Consultant

Håkan Erixon

Sandy is my lifeline! The concept of VA – virtual assistant was unknown to me but since we started working together circa 6 years ago, I have not looked back.

I travel regularly and Sandy takes care of all my travel co-ordination, diary management and collating of quarterly expenses. This is the future of collaboration and assistance with the important details of your professional life!

Independent Director, London and Sweden

Sue Hindmarch Erixon

I worked closely with Sandy for 10 years at Spencer Stuart and highly recommend her. She is a professional and efficient Executive Assistant who works with diligence and integrity in whatever she does, whether it’s managing clients, project managing, diary management or document production.

She is thoughtful about what she does, and her open and helpful style make her a joy to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and she always has a smile and can-do attitude. Having experienced Sandy working as an EA I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a VA.

Career & Leadership Coach, Hindmarch Consulting

Caterina Kostoula

I loved working with Sandy and her philosophy to find proactive assistants that know how to problem-solve. I had worked with another agency in the past and my experience was not positive. My assistant used to add me with stress rather than relieve me. Now, with Sophie, both the quality of my life and the quality of the service to my clients have increased exponentially.

I can now focus on the tasks that only I can do, in my case writing and coaching, and Sophie will take care of the rest. It is also great to have someone to bounce ideas about the business or problem-solve. Sophie helped me with the launch of my book Hold Successful Meetings, which became an instant best-seller in its category in several countries. She takes care of my calendar, email, proposals, invoicing, podcast outreach, and the countless other little tasks that come with running a growing business. I needed someone smart, with excellent communication skills and commitment to excellence. Sophie exceeded my expectations.

Caterina Kostoula, Executive Coach, The Leaderpath

Andrew Tallents

Sandy and I worked at the same firm, Spencer Stuart. When I approached her, I knew I did not want to take on a permanent member of staff as my workload is variable throughout the year, what I needed was a flexible resource that could support me throughout the year. I gained advice from someone who started their own business a few years before me that advice was – you need to focus on what you are good at and outsource everything else. This is hard to do when you first setup your new business, but I would recommend others to try a Virtual PA for one month to see the value that you gain from working with the right person to support you. The cost will be variable as you become busier and you will have the comfort of knowing your clients are in good hands when you eventually take your first holiday!

Sandy listened to what I needed and very quickly introduced me to one of her team. She had worked in a leadership services business before and was used to speaking with senior executives. It was important that I could trust my PA to act on my behalf on a day to day basis once they understood how I liked to work and what my clients needed. We met face-to-face in London before we kicked off our working relationship. As soon as we met, I felt confident that she would be able to look after my clients and more importantly me!

Andrew Tallents, The Tallents Partnership

Bernard Perry

Elite PA Solutions has been providing a high standard of Virtual PA support to TRANSEARCH for over five years. Sandy fully understands the nature of the business that we are involved in. It was helpful that we were already known to each other and she had some insights into my personality, working style and shared values.

Most importantly, Sandy has a thorough understanding of top-level international executive search and the project/ process-driven nature of what we do – characterised by high levels of professionalism, communication and discretion.

She fully appreciates the type and calibre of individual that is best suited to support a business like ours. Sandy has a knack of perfect people-matching!

Managing Partner, Transearch UK

Tom O’Sullivan

“As a large multisite General Practice, this year has been beset with extraordinary challenges. Elite PA Solutions has allowed me to focus my time on shaping and directing our ongoing Covid response, while maintaining and developing our core services. If I didn’t have this additional support, I feel I would have been overwhelmed some time ago – and this would have had a negative impact on our organisational success.

This support isn’t just the functional minute taking, it’s the professionalism and the diligence of checking and chasing outstanding actions, while maintaining a highly professional but flexible approach that understands we often have to change our plans at very short notice, Claire has been consistently reliable and is an integral part of the team.”

Tom O’Sullivan, CEO of GPS Healthcare

Shelley Wilson

Wanted to say a huge thanks for this morning’s session – it was brilliant!

There’s a strong possibility you’ve unleashed a new electronic monster. I’ve now got a Google Calendar on my desktop, fully colour coded (I know!!), and synced to my phone. I’ve got Client Days, Planning Days, Appointments, Holidays, and I’ve even colour-coded my TBC appointment slots!

Not only that, but I’ve also been through my entire paper diary and moved everything across to the digital version and PUT MY PAPER DIARY ON A HIGH SHELF!! I’ll faff about it if I don’t go all in, so I’m willing to give it a go. I also want to start using a calendar style app so people can book appointments online and this will help me pave the way.

Watch this space!

Shelley Wilson, Content Writer/Blogger/Author

Sue Mandelbaum

Sandy helped me shape a PowerPoint presentation for a new client. She made a dramatic difference to the quality of the presentation and did so quickly and efficiently. Having worked with Sandy before, at Spencer Stuart, I will have no hesitation in calling on her whenever I need EA help in the future.

I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone needing help in organising meetings or in producing the highest quality documentation.

Founder, Almond Tree Associates

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”

Oprah Winfrey