Anticipating your Client’s Needs

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Anticipating your Client’s Needs – How to do it and why it pays to be a Few Steps Ahead

We aim to anticipate our client’s needs before they even they realise it’s what they needed. Are you doing the same for your clients? Opportunity awaits to delight your clients – you just need to be a few steps ahead.

Look at your most frequently asked questions.

Brainstorm the top ten frequently asked questions you get about your business from clients. Use these questions to form a FAQ page on your website (or your Facebook page). This way you’ve anticipated the questions and answered them before they’re asked. This will save you and your client time and resources. Anticipating your client’s needs should be something you can demonstrate from the start off and taking time to personalise your FAQ’s, is a great way to achieve just that.

Look for the next problem to solve

It’s in your best interest to take a proactive approach to identifying your client’s struggles and addressing them. If you don’t yet have a strategy for identifying your customers’ problems, it might sound a bit counterintuitive. After all, you already have plenty to do, and each new issue you uncover means more work. However, going above and beyond, and anticipating your client’s needs will establish a relationship where you become indispensable and that’s a level of security we all aim for in business.

Pay attention to the detail

Clients are the lifeblood of a business – without them your business simply wouldn’t exist! However, to keep them coming back, you need to cater for their needs. Learn all you can about each client, by developing an intake process. This may consist of a form that they complete, although I recommend a more personal touch and arranging a meeting where you encourage the client to talk about their business. Make notes during this meeting and take time to reflect on what was said. Ask yourself: “what are the key issues in this business? How can I support them? How do I offer a solution to their problem?”

Allow your clients to share their ideas with you

Don’t forget to gather information during your service to the client. Here at Elite PA solutions, I keep a notebook for each of our clients. I then use this notebook to make notes of any work concerns, positive feedback and especially ideas the client may mention. This really helps me to focus on how I can best support the client going forward. As a Personal Assistant, I am passionate about making life easier by being proactive and thinking ahead.

Anticipating your client’s needs is an easy thing to overlook, but it packs a lot of opportunity for you to grow your business and your reputation. It’s about offering a great client experience, one that won’t be forgotten but recommended.

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