Virtual Support Pricing

For your convenience, we offer three pricing options – as and when you need us, monthly retainer, and bespoke projects.

As far as our process goes, these options all fall under ‘Setting the Foundations’, whereby your agreement to our Terms of Business must be signed prior to being matched with your dedicated Virtual PA.

Whether it be you or our associate, our commitment is 100% to making sure it is the perfect match for both parties. In either case, you can decline our match if you don’t feel it is right for you. There is no charge to you for our matching process.

As And When You Need Us

If you need PA support on an ad-hoc basis, or for a specific task, we charge £45 per hour (for a minimum of one hour’s work).

For 10 hours of support a month, this works out to about 2-3 hours per week and is ideal if you are just starting to work with a VA.

A time report containing a full breakdown of hours is provided with your invoice, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

Monthly Retainer

By retaining our time you are committing to a set number of hours each month and thus ensure your dedicated Virtual PAs time is guaranteed on a rolling monthly basis.

A minimum of 20 hours per month will be charged at £40 per hour and works out to be about half a day a week. With this amount of time, we really start to understand your business and make an impact on saving you time by taking responsibility for areas of work on an ongoing basis.

For 30 hours per month, we are at the stage of embedding ourselves into your business for almost a day a week. With this amount of time it will feel like we are a full member of your team and we will be able to play a key role in driving your business forwards.

For 40 hours per month, we are your right hand woman, your strategic partner and support your business for 1-1.5 days a week. We are available on a daily basis and your clients need not know that we are not full time with you.

Our time is tracked to the nearest 15 minutes. You will be notified every week of how your hours are accruing. Any additional hours required will be charged at the same hourly rate, so your hours are not capped and you can, if required exceed the agreed number of hours. Our minimum hourly rate is £40 per hour.


Bespoke Projects

In the case of specific tasks such as social media management, recruitment, event management or other bespoke projects, a fixed price will be quoted depending on the scope of the project.

These quotes are subject to revision if the parameters of the project change later.

Payment Terms

We require payment within 7 days after receipt of the invoice.

We will happily roll 2 unused over to the next month (to be used or lost in the next working month) and any changes to our retained agreement required 30 days advance notice in writing.

We do not offer a sliding scale of pricing for increasing your retained hours.