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The CEFLEX initiative is a growing collaboration of a European consortium of more than 140 companies, associations and organisations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. CEFLEX’s mission is to further enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy by designing and advancing better system solutions in all European countries through a wider collaboration by the full flexible packaging value chain.

Our Brief

Liz Morrish met Sandy Hearn, Founder of Elite PA Solutions over fifteen years ago! When the CEFLEX initiative started to expand Liz realised they needed some additional support and turned to Sandy to see if she could help with identifying and onboarding a Virtual PA to take over some of the administrative tasks which were taking the specialist project managers away from our responsibilities.


Sandy quickly matched Liz and the wider CEFLEX team with Fi, introducing Liz and Fi, with a view to their working relationship to kick off in the January. We discussed in detail the variety of tasks that Liz felt were most importantly and also how she felt that the role may grow and expand over time as Fi became embedded into CEFLEX and the work they are doing. In the early days, Fi took on a mixture of longer-term activities such as planning the general meetings which are held three times a year and a variety of short-term tasks.


The CEFLEX team is based remotely across Europe – in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. So, having a virtual PA made perfect sense and automatically fitted into their style and way of working as a dispersed team. From our initial brief over two years ago, Fi has become a valued member of the CEFLEX team. Liz and Fi catch up weekly, when required, to discuss and agree priorities. Fi is very much a part of the team and regularly joins their regular team meetings and openly shares her opinion and insights. The entire team know she’s there to support them, and she is committed to delivering what is required in a timely manner. They in turn, are able to truly focus on their specialist areas of project management.

It has been great to have some additional resources and support in the CEFLEX team. Fi has been able to help with a great deal of the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a consortium of over 140 companies and organisations.

The additional support of a Virtual PA has really made a different to CEFLEX. The approach works well for us and having the additional support when needed has been beneficial.

Sandy quickly understood what additional support we needed in CEFLEX, even though the sector is not one she has worked in previously. She really matched our requirements to Fi’s skills and experience has helped to provide a key team member for the CEFLEX initiative.


My path crossed with Sandy when one of her clients was working with my former boss (Managing Director) a few years ago. We built a relationship over the phone, as PAs do, and when I decided to set up as a freelance PA, Sandy was the first person I contacted for advice. It was soon after this Sandy approached me to provide support to a new client, she was onboarding.

I find the CEFLEX initiative fascinating, of great interest to me on a personal level and with my background within food manufacturing, I understand the mission we’re working towards – to solve the flexible packaging issue.


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