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GPS Healthcare

Tom O’Sullivan is CEO of GPS Healthcare, a General Practice partnership based across six different sites in the West Midlands.

Our Brief

Tom met Sandy Hearn, Founder of Elite PA Solutions, at an event a few months before he approached us. He was ready to hire an assistant to minute their monthly board and partnership meetings and was keen to work with someone who was impartial to the practice, someone who would be solely involved in the co-ordination, forward planning, collating, and minuting of their two regular monthly meetings. Someone who was committed and able to support in the long term. Tom recognised that he was spending an awful lot of time on the organisation and minuting of the meetings, not to mention the tracking of all actions following each meeting.


Sandy matched Tom with Claire, an EA with many years’ experience of minuting board meetings within private practice. Claire is super diligent and understands the importance of clear communication when it comes to capturing not only the detail of the minutes, but diplomatically noting each board member’s points of view in the correct tone. She’s a stickler for high standards of written English too!

Claire hit the ground running and attended her first board meeting with 9 members at the next board in July 2020. She hadn’t met anyone within the team yet, having only been introduced to Tom via Zoom during the pandemic.


As a large multisite General Practice, this year has been beset with extraordinary challenges. Claire has allowed me to focus my time on shaping and directing our ongoing Covid response, while maintaining and developing our core services. If I didn’t have this additional support, I feel I would have been overwhelmed some time ago – and this would have had a negative impact on our organisational success.

This support isn’t just the functional minute taking, it’s the professionalism and the diligence of checking and chasing outstanding actions, while maintaining a highly professional but flexible approach that understands we often have to change our plans at very short notice, Claire has been consistently reliable and is an integral part of the team.

Right from the start working with Sandy has been incredibly easy, helping me to figure out what we actually wanted in the first place, by simply listening to what our needs were and proposing different options.

Sandy took care when matching us up to Claire to making sure we were a right fit together; I’ve felt well looked after at every step of the way.


My support to GPS Healthcare has allowed me to apply my skills in accurate, concise minute-taking, whilst ensuring that I capture all actions. It is crucial within my role that I am mindful of the sensitivity of information to which I am privy, and in how this is recorded when I provide my minutes.

I believe that my contribution is integral to how successfully and efficiently the Board and the partnership are able to fulfil their commitments to the wider practice.


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