Pros of working with a Virtual Agency

by Nov 25, 2020Operational Support

If you’re looking for outsourcing help, why not look at working with a Virtual Agency? We offer our clients easy access to the available skills across the team, and you can pick and choose, as and when you need them. We work alongside you to help you work more efficiently, enabling you to stay focused in your zone of expertise, while you outsource everything else out to us.

But if you’re not sure why exactly you should work with a Virtual Agency, here’s a quick rundown on the main reasons why.

There are massive savings to be made

There are none of the big cost-implications you’d get when working with an in-house team. Working with a Virtual Agency means you have no recruitment fees to pay. When we place a Virtual PA or VA with you there’s no staff benefits and perks, training and even technology, to pay, as all team members will be covering their own.

It’s low commitment

Working with a Virtual Agency means you can determine the hours and tasks involved and get what you ask for. Want to keep your costs down? Focus on the key tasks within your business and hire for the time those tasks take to complete. Looking for more input and growth in your business? Explain that you’re looking to hire someone who is happy to take part in collaboration and brainstorming sessions to get you an extra set of eyes on your business.

There are no location barriers

Working with a remote agency means there are none of the traditional location barriers in place. We can pull from a potential pool of talent as wide as it needs to be, to find you the right team member. We can hire a team member from anywhere in the world and with just the right set of skills and/or experience you need, to get the job done. 

Flexible work

When you work with a Virtual Agency you set the criteria on working hours etc. If you’re looking to take a dedicated 10 hours a month, for example, you can increase it when needed. Take that new launch or that virtual event you’re planning to run. How about that big project you need to start? They’re all things you can outsource, simply by increasing the working hours you need help for. And of course, you can then lower them again, once those events or projects are over.

Pay for what you get

As with any type of staff hire, you need to understand you get what you pay for. Working with a Virtual Agency such as ours, you know our PAs and VAs aren’t only experienced, but they’re also high standard too. You may pay a higher rate for them, but you know you’re getting someone with the right experience, manner and expertise to do the job you need them to do.

Guaranteed professionalism

A big part of any recruitment process is determining whether or not a person is professional enough to work for you. Working with us will mean that this job has already been done, and you simply don’t have to think about it. We know that Outsourcing will make all the difference to your business, that’s why we ensure guaranteed professionalism, with any Assistant we place in your team.

If you’re looking to glean some of these benefits in your company, why not get in touch? Let’s discuss your needs and see how you can get some administrative support to help your business grow further by working with our Virtual Agency team. You’ll find all our contact details here.