Project & Event Management

Let us take the hassle out of managing a project or event

We’ll happily take the reins from start to finish.

  • Defining the goal, objective and critical success factors for your project.
  • Organisation of conferences, training events or hospitality days.
  • Lunch or breakfast seminars.
  • Identify suitable venue within budget.
  • Sending out invitations and monitor responses.
  • Implement new systems and procedures.
  • Creation of checklists.

Project/Event Management

Event management

Organising conferences, training events, hospitality days or in-house social events – from identifying a suitable venue to sending out email invitations and monitoring responses, to being there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly if required. Our focus will be on ensuring your clients are happy and that the event is a success. You will have the time to build relationships with an open mind.

Co-ordinating projects

Implementing new systems and procedures, creating check lists, adding structure in the way you store information on your database as well as giving your filing system a revamp be it online or paper files. You won’t be wasting valuable time searching for something that you only had yesterday and ultimately your more organised self gets noticed.

Handling advertisement process

Handling advertisement process – including dealing with the initial publication and then managing the influx of responses. We will ensure acknowledgement emails are sent to potential prospects, their details are logged and they are kept informed. The process will be efficient and seamless from beginning to end.

Telephone & Internet Research

Email us your requirements and time frame and we will happily do the rest. We will take care of producing a final document to include all the necessary information whilst you focus on what’s important to you.