Office Management

Let us work behind the scenes

We ensure these routine, time consuming tasks are handled efficiently.


New Starter Set Up

  • Sourcing and purchase of new equipment.
  • Creation of new user log ins for your CRM.
  • Set up email accounts including signature blocks.
  • Mobile phones/contracts.
  • HR files created and stored electronically.
  • Probationary, birthday, anniversary reminders set.
  • Holiday entitlement, standard policies.
  • Creation of checklists.

Credit Control

  • Chasing PO’s.
  • Submitting invoices.
  • Chasing payments.
  • Paying suppliers.

Ordering Office Supplies

  • Stationery.
  • Equipment.

OFFICE Management

New starter set up

From purchasing equipment like laptops, mobile phone contracts to setting up new users on your CRM, email accounts, signature blocks, holiday entitlement, your policies and everything else in between.

Process Documents

Writing new processes for your team – as you grow your business it will be hugely beneficial if all your processes are documented ‘How to’ for future reference each time you are onboarding a new employee.

Maintaining Personnel Records

Storing electronically for future reference, setting up diary reminders for probationary periods, anniversaries and birthdays. So you never miss an event.

Credit Control & Suppliers

Need a PO number before you can submit your invoices? Leave us to chase this up and ensure your invoices are out sent out in a timely manner. We can follow up with your clients on outstanding invoices, pay suppliers and submit invoices.