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Executive Assistant Search

Our Executive Assistant search process leverages on decades of experience and our extensive network to source, approach, screen and introduce top quality EAs to support your organisation. This is an ideal option for organisations looking for full-time EA support on a employed basis.

  • Conduct meetings to gain a detailed brief; Connect with others within your team to provide a wider view in our understanding of the scope of this role, your culture, your values and working environment.
  • Get clarity on your hiring process with key stakeholders.
  • Create of a custom Candidate profile that includes your expectations, desired competencies and qualifications in order to draft a position specification/job description.
  • Using the Candidate Profile we conduct first stage screening and identifying qualified candidates.
  • Conduct first stage telephone, virtual or, if possible (location dependent) face-to-face interviews.
  • Present shortlist together with Candidate CV, a summary of findings and areas to delve a little deeper at interview stage.
  • Arrange face-to-face interviews with you.