Power Hours

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We all want to work smarter – right?

If you find yourself repetitively coming up against the same problem and wasting your valuable time, then investing in a Power Hour may be just the solution you need.

The results you achieve by investing in this hour will include less overwhelm, less procrastination and the clarity to start moving forwards making the necessary changes as you do.

How does it work?

  • You will receive a pre-call email on how to prepare for the session (including any information you need to bring to the session) together with an outline of how the call will be structured.
  • You will receive instructions in the next 48 hours on how to use the video conferencing software from your phone/desktop.
  • Following our session, you will receive a link to the recording, a short follow-up report with details of what was discussed and up to three key action points.


What is a Power Hour?

Simply put, a Power Hour is a way to turn an ordinary hour into an extraordinary one!

It is 60 minutes of focused time with me on Zoom. We’ll get laser focused on what you are struggling with and I’ll provide you with clarity and guidance. You will feel more proficient moving forwards, which will ultimately save you not only time but money too.

£50 GBP

Payment Terms
Payment is non-refundable unless notice of cancellation is given at least 12 hours before the appointment.

Cancellations with 4-12 hours’ notice will receive 75% refund and cancellations with less than 4 hours’ notice will not be refunded.

Working Smarter with Your Calendar

Do you feel you are not making the best use of your calendar? You know you should be using your time more effectively? But, you’re not sure how?

Join me for an hour, on Zoom, and I’ll show you how to set up your calendar (Outlook or Google) and navigate each day in order to achieve more:


  • get your daily agenda in your inbox
  • set working hours for your availability
  • be ready for different time zones
  • share your calendar with others or overlaps with a family member
  • hand out meeting agenda and notes etc.
  • other tips from a professional PA aka diary management lynchpin!

How to Be More Organised

Do you spend time searching for things that you know you have but can’t find where you put them? Are you distracted whenever you should be getting focused? If you’re not naturally tidy you may be struggling with where to even begin!

Join me for an hour, on Zoom, and I’ll help you create some calm to your chaos by sharing some organisational tips and a process or two.


  • tidy your desk and surrounding space
  • stop wasting your valuable time
  • implement some traditional tools
  • online tools/from a technology perspective
  • how to store things for easy retrieval!
  • other top tips from a natural organiser & the benefits of being more organised

How to Manage your Time More Effectively

Are you struggling to manage your time?

With more and more demands on our daily working and personal lives, prioritising the challenges we take on, as well as working in a smart way have never been more important. We all get the same amount of time in a day or a week, the difference is how effective we are in using that time.

Join me for an hour, on Zoom, and I’ll happily share with you what works for me in my business and personal life.


  • using lists
  • identify and seal/eliminate the drains
  • where to focus your energy
  • agree what you should be doing
  • taking control
  • other top tips around not multitasking, after all it’s a myth.

Inbox Efficiency

Do you have a system or process for managing your emails? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume that keeps landing in your inbox.

Join me for an hour, on Zoom and let’s stop the frantic paddling and get some structure and organisation to your inbox.

It will leave you feeling lighter and in control.


  • organise your inbox with labels, folders and categories
  • create rules to automatically sub-file particular emails
  • save time with pre-written replies/canned responses
  • set up signatures