How to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Thursday 14 November
Nettle Hill
Brinklow Road, Ansty,
near Coventry CV7 9JL


Are you struggling to manage your time?

With more and more demands on our daily working and personal lives, prioritising the challenges we take on, as well as working in a smart way have never been more important. We all get the same amount of time in a day or a week, the difference is how effective we are in using that time. Time management is a skill that will pay dividends forever. If you’re not managing your time well it will seriously impact on both your personal and professional life.

We’re hosting a half day workshop which will be packed with ways to be more organised, which will result in you spending your time more wisely!  We’ll focus on planning and prioritising goals, tasks, chores, routine errands and much more.

My aim is to help you get clear on planning your time in order to work more effectively whether that’s at work, in your business or your personal life.

For further details please feel free to contact; call 07961 792 705 or see our listing on Eventbrite!