The benefits of Virtual PAs tracking out their time

by Jun 26, 2019Business Support, Productivity, Virtual Assistant/PA

One question I’m frequently asked by potential new clients is Why do Virtual PAs track out time? If you’ve not worked with a Virtual PA before, you may feel that you should just be able to give them a list of jobs and they’re just completed – you’re just informed when they’re finished. However, by the Virtual PA using time tracking software on each client’s tasks, both the Virtual PA and the client will reap the benefits.

Tracking the time spent on client work does have some benefits for the Virtual PA, but primarily, it’s something that’s implemented to benefit the client. Here’s a breakdown of why a Virtual PA tracking out time spent on your tasks is so beneficial for you.

Time tracking is transparent

We appreciate how focus can be lost, when trying to complete tasks. Many of our clients offload tasks to a Virtual PA, as they see it as the best way to get valuable hours back. They can see from the time tracking reports, how a Virtual PA is using this time – and it’s often scary to compare how much longer it takes you (and often, your office-based staff) to complete the same tasks. This isn’t in any way a put-down on you or your staff’s skills and focus – but it’s often incredibly difficult to get tasks completed, when you’re juggling a huge to-do list or are suffering from constant interruptions!

Initially, clients wonder if hiring a Virtual PA is worth the cost – after all, what does he/she do all day? But the time tracking reports enable you to see what a Virtual PA is focusing on, and to see how effective your return on investment is turning out to be!

It gives the client peace of mind.   

Virtual PAs are used to starting and stopping the tracker between tasks and clients, so it can be a huge weight off a client’s shoulders, know that the reports they receive are not only regular, but accurate too.

Clients won’t get any nasty hidden surprises

I’m sure we can all imagine the shock you’d get, if you received an unexpectedly high invoice from someone. How about if were expecting something to get completed, only for the person working on it informing you that they had no spare time left to do the task? These are the types of nasty surprise time tracking software will thankfully banish. As a Virtual PA is keeping an eye and tracking time on how long they’re spending on your tasks, they’re also aware of when it’s getting close to your allocation limit. You then have the time to make a decision to either increase your package, pay a per-hour price, or leave the task for the time being.

A Virtual PA can learn a lot about how they spend their time

Virtual PAs can learn a lot about their own working habits, as they’re spending time tracking everything they do. They can make necessary adjustments to their working days and weeks, to ensure every client is catered for, whilst also having available time to carry out minor adjustments and changes, as needed.

Time tracking enables a Virtual PA to improve their systems and processes

Finally, time tracking enables a Virtual PA to find areas they can improve in their own systems/processes. As time tracking software can also be integrated with project management tools, they can see where both their focus and time are going, enabling them to set up automated processes to manage repetitive tasks, wherever possible.

This enables a good Virtual PA to not only streamline how their business is run, but also to provide even more time efficient services and products to their clients, too – making you incredibly glad your Virtual PA is  tracking out their time!