The tools our team use every day & absolutely love

by Sep 26, 2019Productivity

It can be difficult to work with clients and manage a team remotely. However, if you have the right tools in place, it turns it into something that’s easy and efficient – for all parties involved! 

Here are the top tools our team use on a daily basis, to ensure we’re embracing remote working and providing the highest levels of service to our clients.

Security tools

Norton Antivirus Software. Available as a free or paid subscription, this software is an essential tool for protecting our computers and laptops from viruses and bugs generally.

Dashlane is another essential tool for our team. It gives us a simple way to store and fill out passwords and personal information. And with free and paid subscription options available, it’s a non-negotiable tool.

Tools to ensure effective communication  

With the easy availability of email and mobile phone signals, the majority of our clients prefer to email or call us, however, there are a couple of other tools our team use for effective communication – WhatsApp and Telegram.

WhatsApp is a free simple, secure messaging and calling facility, that can be used to send text, image and video using your phone’s internet connection. Whilst Telegram is a cloud-based encrypted messaging and voice IP service. It allows you to send any size file, audio, videos, messages etc, across multiple devices – and you can even set a timer to ensure your messages self-destruct!

Time tracking software

Accurate time tracking is a crucial part of our business, so it’s essential we have the right tools in place to accurately record time spend on individual tasks. For this, we use Toggl and Teamwork. 

Toggl is a simple time tracking app that works across different platforms. It also reminds you to set and turn off the app, if needed! (Toggl has free and paid subscriptions available.) Teamwork is a collection of project management apps designed to help the team to work more efficiently and seamlessly together. It has various apps available, including task lists, time tracking, messsaging, project management.

Essential office software 

Office software tools our team use on a daily basis include Office 365, Google’s G-Suite and OneDrive storage. Both Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite are cloud-based software suites that focus on collaboration and productivity – with Office 365 being Microsoft focused and G-Suite using Googles own software. OneDrive is our storage platform of choice – although G-Suite also has its own cloud-based storage solution too.

To do lists made easy

We have two tools our team use for their to-do lists – Wunderlist and OneNote. Wunderlist makes task management look easy! It’s a cloud-based application that helps you manage tasks, errands, reminders and to-do lists on your smartphone, tablet, computer and smartwatch. OneNote is Microsoft Office’s note-taking app – it’s perfect for note and idea storage.

Social media management

When it comes to social media management, Buffer is perfect for scheduling across the different social media platforms. Our other daily tool is MissingLettr – a social media tool that creates automated campaigns for your blog posts and sends them out to the various different social media platforms. 

Content creation 

For content creation, we use Grammarly to correct any grammatical errors in our written content, as well as for enhancing our writing. It’s available as a basic free version, with a paid subscription giving you enhanced features and help. 

Canva is our second team tool suggestion for content creation. It’s a drag-and-drop graphic creation tool that enables you to easily create a multitude of different graphics, including social media and print. Again, it has both a free and paid subscription option available.

The above tools our team use on a daily basis help ensure we’re all working effectively together, whilst providing the highest level of service to our clients. They are also the tools we recommend to our clients for their team productivity and management too – as we know how important it is, to have the right tools in place, especially when working remotely or with a remote team.

Photo by from Pexels