What Does Client Focus Really Mean

by Aug 5, 2021Business Development, Client-focused, Personal Development

Client expectations are higher than before, and it’s up to businesses to keep up with those expectations. With companies now competing primarily on the basis of client experience, having a client-focused business has never been more important.

Looking to improve your client focus? It starts with having a deep understanding of your clients’ needs and desired experience.

Make your clients feel heard

While you can’t eliminate office noise while you’re listening to a client, you can look at ways of reducing noise pollution. Try shutting the door to your office if you can or using headphones. Once you’re able to clearly hear your clients, you’ll find it easier to personalise your response and give them your undivided attention.

Use Customer Feedback

How do you know that your customer-led efforts are providing the desired results? Their opinions on the experience they’ve had with your brand is useful information, often leading you to adjust your practices accordingly.

Try using customer surveys or emailing them, for their feedback. In taking time to do this,

you’re telling your clients that you value their opinion – and that in itself is client-focused.

Customer Empathy

How often do we put ourselves in our client’s shoes? Feeling their needs and frustrations, and deeply understanding the solutions that work. If you care about a client’s personal situation, then you’ll want to make an effort to ensure they’re having a positive experience. This will lead the client to feel closer to your brand and then want to buy from you again in the future. Empathy can be the key to long lasting relationship between you and your client, so don’t underestimate its importance.

Engaged Leadership

If you have a team working with you, then it’s important to practice engaged leadership. Take an interest in people’s lives, make them feel good about themselves, be optimistic and give positive feedback. This will inspire your team and act as a positive example, encouraging them to adopt these habits with clients. Be the change you want to see in your team and the rest will fall into place.

I hope this highlights why being client-focused matters, and how to practice it in your work place. We often reflect on our client-focused competencies, as we know much it means to our clients and their overall experience. Client–focused practices will also go a long way to improving your sale performance and growing a positive workplace.

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