The passage of time isn’t always a slow tick of the second hand. In fact, when you have a huge to-do list, it can feel as if the minutes disappear as quickly as the seconds. If this is a regular occurrence in your business, then you may have considered hiring a PA before now. However, how do you know when the time is right?

This can be a costly decision for any entrepreneur. Hiring help too early in your business can put you at potential risk of possible cash flow. Sadly, running low on money is one of the top reasons businesses fail. In contrast, you wouldn’t want to be in a position where you’re turning business down either. Let us guide you on this important decision.


Rather than hiring a full time or even a part time employee, outsourcing provides you with an experienced expert in this field. Better yet, this expert comes without the added complications of holiday pay and pensions. Working with a reliable outsourcing partner will give you peace of mind, knowing that the tasks are being handled efficiently; even without your guidance.

Technology is constantly evolving – it can be tricky to stay ahead of the game. Cloud computing and marketing automation are quickly changing how and where we work. However, when you outsource you can enjoy these technology advancements and the benefits they bring your company, without having to train additional staff. Allowing your business to keep up with the competition.


Look carefully at what you need to delegate. The primary goal of delegation is to stop doing the tasks that someone else can do and focus on the tasks only a manager can do. Tasks such as managing your email account, scheduling meetings and taking care of your travel plans are all great jobs to delegate to a personal assistant. The problem with tiny tasks, such as sending some short emails, scheduling meetings, booking flights for business trips and similar down-to-earth tasks are much more time-consuming than they seem to be.

A great PA will embed themselves into your business as a valued member of your team. This will require an effective communication channel to ensure delegation is a smooth process. Once in place, your PA will be able to support you on a daily basis, giving you back valuable time.

It can be helpful to think of your personal assistant as an investment, allowing you to focus on business growth, revenue and brand recognition.


Writing a business plan is essential for making sure your business is on the right track for success. These plans provide a business with a vision for the future and a clear strategy for how to expand and grow over time. They can also decide parameters for crucial factors such as hiring, budget and revenue.

Consider including your desired organisational structure to your business plan. Small-business owners should begin thinking about a formal structure early in the growth stage of their business. This will make it easier to add new positions in the business in the future, as well, providing a flexible and ready means for growth.

Your business plan should act as a guide as to when and how to employ staff or to outsource. Make sure you update it regularly and refer to it often.

Finding the ‘one’

Finding the right personal assistant for your business is no easy task.

Here at Elite PA Solutions we hand-pick our team. We look for individuals who are solution focused and results orientated. They must have solid experience working at a senior executive level. Of course, communication, writing and grammar skills are also high on our list. This allows you, the client, to relax knowing that the tasks you delegate to us are in good hands. These requirements allow us to deliver a premium level PA service to our clients, every day of the week. 

This article was written by Sandy Hearn at Elite PA Solutions. Elite PA Solutions is a team of Virtual Assistants who will save you time by taking care of the operational side of both your business and personal life. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website at or feel free to contact us at

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I have 20+ years’ experience as an Executive Assistant at c-suite and board level, fifteen of those years within executive search and almost 9 years growing my business Elite PA Solutions. Today, I have a team of 10 fantastic associates. We are all guilty of not playing to our strengths on occasion and attempt completing tasks that should be delegated or outsourced – both in our business and personal life.

My mission is to ensure your life runs more smoothly, it’s as simple as that. I understand that in order to grow, we need to let go! We provide our clients with true right-hand support as and when you needed it with flexibility. I was delighted to receive industry recognition as Winner, VA of Year West Midlands & Runner Up for the UK in the UK VA Awards 2020.

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